At 23 years old in 2014, WORS is one of the oldest mountain bike racing series in the world – but we’ve got a spring in our step! The WORS Community has grown in the Upper Midwest and throughout the nation, and you’ll feel it when you attend a WORS event.  WORS is about more than just race results (although we’re very proud our timing crew is one of the fastest and most accurate around).  You’ll find new friends, and meet old friends at WORS.  Every member of the family can participate in the race reports on the drive home, and WORS Spectators and SuperFans are like no others!  We’re proud to call some of the nations very best racers WORS participants, and we’re equally proud to introduce beginners of every age to a sport we love to share.  Welcome to WORS!

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  • WORS Photo and Video Contests. In addition to the professional photographers at WORS Sponsor Extreme Photography, a number of amazing amateur photographers capture the excitement and fun at WORS events.  We celebrate them in our Photo and Video Contest. 
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