WORS Women

About WORS Women

We are a group of women who enjoy the sport of mountain biking in the Upper Midwest. Our goal is to encourage more women to share our sport. Some of us are racers, some of us just ride for fun and many of us are beginners just learning the sport.

  • If you’ve ever thought about going on a group ride but decided not to because you “don’t want to hold everyone up”, we want you to ride with us!
  • If you’ve ever thrown up your hands and thought “I’ll never figure out how to shift”, we can help you learn.
  • On the other hand, if you’re looking for women who train and ride just as hard as you, they’re here too. Some of our members are top 5 elite racers.

In other words, WORS women has something for everyone. You can check out the WORS Women website here. Below, you’ll find our news feed. Want to submit? It’s easy – follow this link.

The “NEWS” page is the most recent articles from our Tumblr group. You can check out the archives here.