Registering for the Series – Upgrading & Downgrading

In Season – WORS (Series) Registration is available at each WORS race at the WORS Tent!

Series Registration is independent of Race Registration.  The fee for WORS Series Registration is $23 ($28 for those wishing to request a specific number from the number range for the Category for which they are signing up to race in).  Racers wishing to receive an overall in WORS or participate in WORS team competition must register with WORS.  Series registration may be either completed online at by April 24, 2017 or by downloading a form from the website or using the one from the 2017 WORS Racer Handbook and mailing it with the appropriate registration fee to WORS, postmarked no later than April 13, 2017.  These deadlines are to allow for number assignment and notification in time for racers to register for the first WORS event of the year using their series number.  Series registrations after April 24th should take place at the WORS tent on site at a WORS event.  A racer must have a series number for a result to count toward a series overall, WORS team competition, or to pre-register for all but the first race they wish to have counted in their series overall score.

Points for series overalls will be figured retroactively for up to two races for first time Citizen registrants, but only one race for all others! (To receive retroactive credit a competitor must write that they are requesting retroactive credit along with their number from the race(s) for which they are requesting retroactive credit on their series registration form).

WORS will inform those registering by April 24th of their series number by e-mail and will begin assigning numbers on April 1st (specific number requests will not be given priority after March 31st).  Those registering after April 24th will receive their number assignment at the WORS tent at their first event.

Series registrants are issued a plastic number plate to use throughout the current year of the series and pick-up their number plate at the WORS tent at their first WORS race of the year.

A racer may not compete in Sport with a Citizen number and vice versa! WORS timing system will not accept an incorrect number and your data will fail to appear on the results.

Replacement numbers are available at the WORS tent at a cost of $10. Back number replacements are 50 cents each.

Changing Categories (All category changes are handled at the WORS Tent at an event.)

UPGRADING: Racers upgrading during the series will pay a $5 administrative fee and have two options: 1) A racer may turn in their series number plate at the WORS tent to have a percentage of their accumulated points transferred to the new category (70% for a one category upgrade, 50% for a two category change) and be issued a new series number or 2) Keep their original category points intact and start with zero in the new category. In either case all results applicable to the team competition will register. Comps moving to Expert using option 1 transfer 60% of their points from the Comp overall (not age class) to Elite; option 2 is unchanged.

DOWNGRADING: Those who feel circumstances warrant their moving down in category must petition WORS in writing with the reason for the downgrade. They will have to reregister with WORS, pay a $10 administrative fee, and will be given full credit for points from original category results.

CHANGE WITHIN CATEGORY: Those making a change between age class, Clydesdale or Singlespeed within the same category will pay a $10 administrative fee, turn in their series number plate and have 75% of their previously earned series points transferred.