Scoring for WORS Overalls

WORS Series Scoring

To be scored in WORS overalls, a competitor must have a series number and compete in a minimum of 5 series events (6 for Comp, Cat 1, and Pro) during 2016.
For Citizen and Sport a competitor’s best 7 results will be used for tabulation of their final overall points. In the Comp, Cat 1, and Pro categories the best 8 results will be used. A competitor who competes in more than 7 events (8 for Comp, Cat 1, and Pro) will be awarded 5 bonus points per additional event completed (maximum of 20 points). DNF’s will remain 1 point. There are eleven scoring opportunities over ten races.
In case of a tie, head-to-head results will be used to determine placing (first wins and then points if tie remains). If a tie still remains, a tie will be declared and both racers will receive equal awards, with the next place being dropped.

WORS-Cup_logoSpecial WORS Scoring for WORS Cup

Participation in multiple events at the WORS Cup offers 2 scoring opportunities toward a racer’s overall.

  1. Series Racers competing in the Cross-country will receive series overall points.  The points awarded toward their overall will be determined by their placement against only other series racers within the class they are competing in according to the WORS Series Points Scale. Non-series riders are excluded from placement for series points for this event only. WORS Cup categories & classes may vary.   Participation in the WORS Cup Cross-Country is required to be eligible for a second overall score.
  2. The second scoring opportunity at the WORS Cup comes from a series racer’s participation in either the Short Track and/or the KMC Enduro.  Series points will be awarded for a racer’s placing amongst racers from their WORS category within the Short Track or KMC Enduro age class (not normal WORS class) raced.  For racers competing in both the Short Track and KMC Enduro the higher of the two points awarded will be added to their series over, but not both.

VOLUNTEER POINTS: Series competitors who forfeit participation in a race to help run the event may qualify for volunteer points. To receive these points, a point total equal to a racers lowest scoring race excluding DNF’s, a racer must: 1) must contact the race director at least 8 days in advance of the race to apply for acceptance to the race staff, 2) work a minimum of 5 hours on race day, and 3) pick up a VP (volunteer points) form from the WORS tent, fill it out, have their Race Director sign it and turn it in to WORS Timing & Scoring. A series competitor may include only one VP in their overall results. The VP will either replace a competitors lowest scoring event with a point value equal to the second lowest score or one equal to their lowest score depending upon the number of scoring events they have in their overall score.

Points_tablePOINTS: Points awarded at each individual WORS race toward series overall scores for Comp, Cat 1, and Pro overalls, as well as places within each age class for all categories, are listed in the WORS Series (Overall) Point Scale table below. Points awarded for Cat 1 age classes are awarded by combining overall finish points with age class finish points.