Learn to Race Clinic

A Great Way to Start Off-Road Racing!

LTR_womens_clinic LTR_groupLearn to Race clinics will be held at all 2015 WORS races.  They are free of charge.  Just show up at the WORS tent with your bike & helmet ready to ride*.   Clinic groups are small and whenever possible, will be divided by age, gender, and experience to specialize the instruction.

These clinics include instruction in basic bike setup & maintenance, race preparation, off-road riding techniques, and beginning mountain bike racing tactics from friendly professional instructors.  Each clinic includes a ride-through of the complete Citizen course for the next day’s  race.

Important Information: All Clinic participants must register for that Sunday’s race, sign their waiver, and affix their bicycle number plate before attending the Learn to Race Clinic, with the exception of parents accompanying a Junior racer.  All Juniors 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent.  Clinic start times have been moved back to 3:30 PM to accommodate this.  The Clinic will gather and leave from the WORS Registration tent on the Saturday before each race at 3:30 PM. 

Brian_progoldNew for 2015,

Look for special Women’s only offerings and clinics with ProGold Pro, Brian Matter at select WORS venues.

*Minors will need a parent or Guardian to sign a waiver. Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

2015 USA Cycling/WORS Competitive and Non-Competitive Event Release Form

Juniors not accompanied at the race venue by their parent must present a signed form at registration.

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Download the 2015 USA Cycling/WORS Competitive and Non-Competitive Event Release Form.Team_WORS_footer