WORS Team Competition p/b STEELHORSE LAW

SteelhorseWhether you are a member of a large formalized team or just want to get your buds together to be a part of the fun, you will want to be a part of WORS Team Competition. The competition has 6 divisions with 1st through 3rd place* awards to the teams with the greatest number of entrants and to the teams with the greatest number of team points accumulated at the end of this year’s 12 race schedule. (*1st place requires 2 teams in the division, 2nd place 4 teams, and 3rd place 6 or more teams.)

Download the 2015 Team Competition Registration Forms. Forms are due on or before July 14!

WORS highly encourages all mountain bikers to join a team. Doing so will help you maximize both your racing and riding enjoyment and performance. For information on a team in your area, email WORS at wors@wors.org or call (715) 592-5095 and we will do our best to get you a contact person.


  • Women’s Team Division: Team size, 5-8 Racers. (Registration fee: $10), women may race for a team in this division as well as one team in any of the other divisions.
  • Unlimited Team Division: Teams with more than 20 members will compete in this division. (Registration fee: $55)
  • Large Team Division: This division is for team of 13-19 racers in size. (Registration fee: $45)
  • Mid-Sized Team Division: This division is for teams competing with 7-12. (Registration fee: $35)
  • Small Team Division: This division is for teams with 2-6 competitors on their team roster. (Registration fee: $25)
  • Junior Division: Teams in this division will be made up of registered WORS racers 18 years of age (as of 12-31-13) and under. Team rosters for this division are limited to 10 or fewer competitors and are encouraged to include a minimum 20% female racers. Multiple teams from the same shop, corporate sponsor, business, club, or school are strongly encouraged for the Junior Division. (Registration fee: $20)

Only racers registered with WORS and having a WORS Series Number will score points for their team. A Team Competition Registration Form (along with team roster) must be turned into WORS and have each ompetitor’s WORS series number and name on the roster.

A registered WORS racer may only ride for one team. (This includes junior team members.) A team may enter one or more teams in the Junior Division, but only one team in any of the other divisions.

Team Changes:

Competitors who change teams during the series should notify WORS as soon as possible after the change via a team modification form. The team points they have earned prior to notification will remain with their previous team. Team points cannot be contributed to their new team until 2016.


Teams must register by July 14, 2015. Team points will be awarded retroactively through the date each team member began racing with a WORS series number. Team members who change categories during the season and reregister with WORS will receive credit for both categories.

Download the team registration form below and turn it in to WORS by July 14, 2015. Team scores are figured retroactively back to the first race for which each team member had a 2015 WORS series number.

Download the 2015 Team Competition Registration Forms.

Team Scoring


To receive credit toward the “Participants” awards in WORS Team Competition a competitor must have a valid WORS series number and must either finish the race with a recorded time or report their DNF to timing the day of the race. Teams eceive one point for each team member, meeting the above criteria, towards the “Participants” competition.


Points for the “Points” competition of WORS Team Competition are figured by taking the series overall points each team member earns (see WORS Guidelines, WORS Scoring) and multiplying those points by the class multiplier. No points are earned for DNFs or DNS’s.

Only racers listed on the team roster that accompanied their team registration form will be scored.


Category Multiplier
Junior x .6
Citizen x .9
Sport x 1.2
Comp x 1.5
Elite x 1.8

All twelve races and WORS Cup bonus scoring count towards both the participant and points competitions.Steelhorse