WORS Series Registration & Its Benefits

Series Registration

Series Registration begins March 1 of each year

The Series Registration fee is $23 and there is an option to request a specific number from within the number range for the Category for which the racer is registering for an additional $5.  Series Registration does not include any race entries and should not be confused with WORS All-In-One Registration.

Racers wishing to receive an Overall in WORS or participate in WORS Team Competition must register with WORS.  Series registration may be either completed online at www.wors.org by April 15, 2017 or by downloading a form from the website or using the one from the 2017 WORS Racer Handbook and mailing it with the appropriate registration fee to WORS, postmarked no later than April 13, 2017.  These deadlines are to allow for number assignment and notification in time for racers to register for the first WORS event of the year using their series number.

Series registrations after April 15th take place only at the WORS tent on site at a WORS event.

A racer must have a series number for a result to count toward a series overall, WORS team competition, or to pre-register for all but the first race they wish to have counted in their series overall score.  Points for series overalls will be figured retroactively for up to two races for first time Citizen registrants, but only one race for all others!  (To receive retroactive credit a competitor must write that they are requesting retroactive credit along with their number from the race(s) for which they are requesting retroactive credit on their series registration form).

WORS will inform those registering by April 15th of their series number by e-mail and will begin assigning numbers on April 1st (specific number requests will not be given priority after March 31st).  Those registering after April 15th will receive their number assignment at the WORS tent at their first event.  Number Plates are picked up at the WORS Tent at your first WORS race of the year. 

Series Registration Benefits

  1. Overall Awards – WORS has an overall competition within each class of each category, and an overall for its Comp and Elite categories (please refer to WORS Guidelines for details).   Racers that registered with WORS are issued a series number and score points toward series overalls.  Series Overalls are posted at each WORS event and at www.wors.org.  Points will be figured retroactively for only one race (first time Junior and Citizen Category racer may claim 2 races retroactively)!  Registrants must request retroactive credit and write their race number from the race for which they request retroactive credit on their Series Registration Form.
  2. Eligibility for USA Cycling State Championship Awards – WORS is the 2017 USA Cycling Mountain Bike State Championship Series for Wisconsin.  WORS registrants who are USA Cycling Mountain members and also Wisconsin residents are eligible to compete for state titles in the available USA Cycling categories and classes. (see Awards section of WORS Guidelines for details.)
  3. Inclusion in WORS Overall Raffle – Great Prizes!  10 lucky overall finishers will be awarded prize packages from our generous sponsors valued from $3000 to $300.  WORS registrants that receive an overall series score (see WORS Guidelines) are automatically entered into this raffle and all have an equal chance to win.  Approximately $20,000 worth of merchandise is offer up in the WORS Banquet Raffle and all those with a 2017 WORS Overall score in attendance are eligible. 2016 Winners
  4. WORS Number Plate – WORS Series Registrants receive a very durable plastic number plate and race with the same number for all WORS events.
  5. Preferred Start Position – Series leaders* (top 3 or minimum of 20% of the number of Series Registrants in the class) in each WORS racing class receive a call-up for starts.  *Determined from WORS Overalls, to be scored in the WORS Overalls a racer must have a series number. 
  6. Streamlined Race Registration – Series registrants only have to sign their race entry form and collect their materials at race registration. No forms to fill out as WORS fills them out for you.
  7. Eligibility for WORS Team Competition – Only WORS series registrants can contribute placing and participation points for a team entered in WORS Team Competition.