Wisco Trail Runs

Welcome Trail Runners!
Trail Run

Trail runs are scheduled at the following WORS events in 2014:

  1. IOLA TRAIL MIX - May 4.- at the Iola Bump & Jump, Iola, WI
  2. RED EYE TRAIL RUN - June 15 – at the Red Eye Rendezvous near Wausau, WI
  3. FIRECRACKER TRAIL RUN - June 29 – at the Red Flint Firecracker in Eau Claire, WI
  4. REFORESTATION RAMBLE - August 24 – at the Reforestation Ramble near Green Bay, WI
  5. TREADHEAD TRAIL RUN - September 7 - at the Treadfest in Lake Geneva
  6. RUN THE ROCK - September 28 - at the Colectivo Coffee Bean Classic near Milwaukee, WI
  7. All Wisco Trail Runs start at 8:30 AM.

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Awards: Custom Wisco Trail Run medals  labeled for event (7 divisions, 3 places, men & women, 5 & 10k, 84 medals).   Divisions: 18 & under, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60 & over.

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Questions? If you have questions about any of these Wisco Trail Run events, please contact the individual Race Director listed on the WORS event pages linked above.

About Wisco Trail Runs

Wisco Trail Runs are not WORS events, but are events sponsored by WORS.

WORS supports these events by offering services (pre-registration, timing, numbers and medals) at a very low cost. WORS continues to sponsor these events as an additional benefit to friends and families of WORS racers, as well as those who enjoy both running and biking. We hope you’ll come out and enjoy them!


2014 Results

Iola Bump & Jump:    Long Course (Overall)   Short Course (Overall)

Red Eye Trail Run: Long Course (Overall) Short Course (Overall)

Firecracker Trail Run: Long Course (Overall) Short Course (Overall)

Reforestation Ramble: Long Course (Overall) Short Course (Overall)

Treadhead Trail Run: Long Course (Overall) Short Course (Overall)