2007 WORS Race Directors

WORS current and future race directors got together for their annual meeting on Saturday October 20 to review 2007 and plan for 2008.  The summit began with series director, Don Edberg welcoming returning directors, Phil Johnsrud (Iola Bump & Jump) and Jon Holcomb (Wigwam MTB Challenge).  New directors Kent Lambert (Treadfest), Jess Manthey (Chippewa Valley Firecracker), Ty Gonzales (Alterrra Coffee Bean Classic), and Elvis Bauman and Wayne Fish (Smokin Spoke) were introduced and welcomed.  Introductions concluded with the welcoming of Adam Schmidt of the new Border Battle event and Ron Neuman representing a possible event in Shawano.   Only Ben Griggs (Reforestation Ramble) and Dave Hasse (Sunburst Showdown) were unable to attend.


Discussion began with the 2008 WORS schedule.  Dates for the Iola Bump & Jump (May 4), Treadfest (May 18), Subaru Cup (June 14 & 15), Reforestation Ramble (June 22), Chippewa Valley Firecracker (July 6), Border Battle (August 24), Smokin Spoke (September 7) and Wigwam MTB Challenge (October 12) were confirmed.   Don reported that WORS would not be able to fully administer the Big Ring Classic and that a search was on for a race director and local organizing committee.  Note: Adam Schmidt has put together a coalition and will be taking the helm of the Big Ring for 2008.  It current position in the schedule is being held as June 1.  It was reported that finalization of the dates for the Alterra Coffee Bean Classic and and Sunburst Showdown were awaiting the date and status of the 24-9 twenty-four hour race. Note: The week following WORS Race Directors

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