2011 WORS Racer Promotions

Having awarded our champions for 2010 the time has come to identify WORS racer deserving and in need of a greater challenge. We keep hoping to come up with criteria that are undeniable in the identification of these individuals. Last January we moved away from top age class finishes to overall placing. Although this has been an improvement, we still had a significant number of racers present good rational for remaining in their previous ability category. Most of these riders submitted petitions to WORS, and most were granted. This procedure is probably always going to a part of the system.

For 2011 we will be utilizing a further refinement on overall placing using not only overall placing in the series, but overall finish in individual events. The guidelines for mandatory move-ups (racers are free to elect to move from WORS Sport to Comp at any time, however alternating between categories is not permitted) for 2011 are:

Citizen & Sport

    Women with 3 top 5 and men with 3 top 10 overall finishes (not age class) in WORS Citizen category for the year must advance the following year.


    Competitors with 5 top 10 overall finishes (not age class) in WORS Sport category for the year must advance the following year..

Congratulations, good luck and best wishes as you advance to the next level.

Citizen Women
    Becky Rands
    Pascalle Dumez
    Arin Lemke
    Sarah Gill
Citizen Men
    Kyle Berchem
    Kurt Brunner
    Mike Williams
    Rob Stieber
    Clive Warren
    Marko Gerovac
    Jan Warren
    Ruben Valdez
    Danny Marchewka
    Christopher Richmond
    William Peterson
    Eric Grissom
Sport Women
    Rachel Horstman
    Paula Liske
    Rachel Jensen
Sport Men
    Eric Stanke
    Andrew Senderhauf
    Eric Weidman
    Gabriel Ion
    Patrick Scheibel
    Pete Karinen
    Dan Wierzba
    Steve Herriges
    Jake Swenson
    Troy Schaden
    Patryk Limanowicz
    Joseph Maloney
    Spence Cone
    Sanjay Ganju
    Lance Wall
    Eric Fossell
    Greg Heil
    Nicholas Holzem
Racer wishing to move from WORS Comp to WORS Elite must meet USA Cycling criteria for doing so and have an annual USA Cycling license.

Please note that for racers race age 18 and under in 2010 moving up in age class (i.e. from 14 and under to 15-18) is a move up. Racers in older age classes where there is no equivalent age class in the next ability category are not required to move-up (i.e. a racer racing in Sport Men 60 & over or Sport Men 55-59 is not require to move to Comp 50 & over, however a racer from Sport Men 50-54 would be. Ability category racing and mandatory move-ups are pretty much a package deal.

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