2012 WORS Guidelines and Rules: up for review and comment

The proposed 2012 WORS Guidelines and Rules are the result of discussions and review by staff and WORS race directors - along with input from racers. Changes from 2011 are highlighted in yellow. We are proposing several class and category changes, some minimum age requirement and, unfortunately, a small increase in fees to cover the rising costs of maintaining the event quality and rider experience we want for WORS. We strive to have guidelines and rules that will keep WORS a strong and growing series. Over the next month, the 2012 guidelines and rules will be finalized. We welcome your comments and suggestions during this period. Based on your input, we'll do our best to adapt the 2012 WORS Guidelines and Rules to the needs of current and future WORS participants. Please forward input to wors@wors.org.
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