Amazing Tales From Eau Claire

What a day for a race this past Sunday in Eau Claire. Sunny, warm with a light breeze and a field of extremely interesting people. Something different is called for here, in honor of the spice this event brought to the table of the WORS Trail Running Series.

The course at Eau Claire is easily one of the most unique of our racing series. It features grass covered road, open grassland, winding/wooded trail, a pine grove in a prairie setting and some challenging undulations in and amongst the small vallies that dot the park. With a field nearly 50% larger than last year's, there were plenty of enthusiastic runners to enjoy every last step of it.

We like to chat amoung ourselves about who traveled the furhest to attend our events. We have had folks from California, New York, Kentucky, Idaho, Colorado and other more regional states. We have even had a runner from Ontario. And this year at Eau Claire, we once again got to expand our reach to new distances. Oddly enough, while medalist Molly Kate Ortiz from Ketchikan, Alaska might have seemed the run away winner in this 'unofficial' category, the actaul winners (and not soon to be outdone we think) were Robyn and Anthony Zeller who hailed from Minato-Ka, Tokyo. A distance of roughly 6300 miles.

The hands down winner in the category of 'Good Genes', has got to go to the Bye family of Chippewa Falls. Weighing in with 5 entries, from ages 13 to 46, the family came away with 5 individual medals, two 1st's, two 2nd's and a 3rd. Another record not likely to be broken any time soon one would suspect.

We would like to thank all the folks up in Eau Claire, Phil Johnson and crew and our event hosts for this event, the Indeanhead Track Club for their amazing support and assistance in making this venue one of our hottest and fastest growing series race. We also would like to thank Scheels All Sports and TDS Telecom, our title sponsors, for their generous and enthusiastic sponsorship of this event. Make no doubt as to the effort and numbers of volunteers it takes to make an event of this quality happen. We want to recognize everyone who helps makes this series possible and at the highest quality possible to provide our runners with the best off road running experience possible.

See you all at our next event in Calumet in August!
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