Attention WORS Elite Racers and Those Desiring to Race Elite

With the first race fast approaching please be aware that you are required to hold a current  USA Cycling Expert or above license to race in the WORS Elite class.  You will need to present your license at race registration.  The cleanest and quickest way for you to renew or take out a license is to go to


In the past USA Cycling has allowed anyone to start at the Expert level, however that changed last year and you may only be able to register for Sport. The rule reads: 1C1.(b) New riders may choose to assign themselves to the Beginner or Sport category.  A rider wishing to upgrade to Expert, Semi-Pro, or Pro requires the rider to submit a written request to USA Cycling. (Generally what they are looking for is at least two top five age class finishes in USA Cycling sanctioned events that had at least ten finishers in the age class.)  For upgrades from USA Cycling Sport (which translates to WORS Comp and Sport combined) to USA Cycling Expert a USA Cycling Mountain Official may approve the change.  WORS Director, Don Edberg, is a USA Cycling Mountain official so this upgrade can be made at a race if you have a current Sport license and qualify to upgrade.


Please take care of your USA Cycling Mountain license in advance, because although it can be done onsite at your first WORS event, doing so will effect the time require to get the actual license in your hands and ranking points.


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