Attention WORS Elite Racers and Those Desiring to Race Elite

In the past NORBA has allowed anyone to start at their Expert level, however that has changed this year and you may only be able to register for Sport.  I have talked with Kelli Lusk, NORBA Eastern Region Manager and she said that she would OK the upgrade to Expert for anyone with qualifying WORS Comp results whether or not they have held a license previously.  I am a NORBA Official and have the authority to approve an upgrade from Sport to Expert.  So even if the USA Cycling website will only allow you to register as a Sport, do so and we can take care of the upgrade at your first WORS race.

Please take care of your NORBA license in advance, because although it can be done onsite at your first WORS event, doing so will effect the time required to get the actual license in your hands and ranking points.

Don Edberg , WORS Director

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