Best Venue Photo

An important goal of the photo contest is to capture a panoramic view of WORS venues. Some venues lend themselves especially well to this. An ideal venue photo includes the following elements:
  • A view of the WORS Start and exhibition area that is as complete as possible (Start, Saris tent, Park Tool tent, exhibitors, sponsor banners, the WORS trailer, etc.)
  • The large crowd presence around a significant group of racers leaving the start. Tip: At many races, the best time to capture this is when the first few waves of Sport Men begin. At midday, the spectator presence is always large, and the Sport Men have large starting waves. The Elite race at the Subaru Cup (left) is another crowd favorite.
  • Any additional facilities. For example, the lodge at Treadfest.
  • If you are fortunate, good weather.
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