Broken Spoke Duo Nabs Men and Women’s Win

Mt. Morris, WI-   The Wisconsin Off-Road Series is in full swing with the fourth race of the year held at Nordic Mountain in Mt. Morris, WI. The Mt. Morris challenge presented by the Waushara Area Mountain Bike Association(WAMBA) gave WORS racers one of the most challenging and exciting races on the circuit. The course snaked up and down the alpine ski venue with long climbs, technical downhills, the infamous rock drop, fast forested singletrack, and a plethora of rock gardens pushing every racer to his or her limit.   The BelGioioso Pro/Cat 1 Women’s field had a relatively calm start as overall series leader Lindsay Guerra(Vision Cycling) and friendly rival Leia Schneeberger(Broken Spoke Racing) immediately separated themselves from the rest of the field. Shortly off into the distance was Mckenna Dwyer(ASU Junior Development), a 16 year old prodigy racing in her first Cat 1 race. The young sensation had quite a start but the endurance and experience of Holly Lavesser(Neff Cycle Service) and Katrina Hurst(Linear Sport/Trek) gradually caught Dwyer’s speed and skill. Guerra and Schneeberger continued to open a gap on the rest of the ladies but they weren’t together for much longer. According to Schneeberger, as the leaders entered a rock garden, she took the A line, a faster more difficult line which caught Guerra off guard. The rocks swallowed up Guerra’s bike as it sent her to the ground resulting in a DNF. Guerra’s crash left Schneebergerwith a sizeable gap over second place to finish with her second win of the season. Lavesser continued to get faster as the day wore on to finish in second place, tying her best finish ever. Behind Lavesser, Hurst also had her best finish to date finishing in third with Dwyer in fourth. Honorary mention to Kristina Navarro(Neff Cycle Service) as she rounded out the top five.   The Men’s side of the BelGioioso Pro/Cat 1 race was very eventful in the first few minutes. Cole House(Broken Spoke Racing) effortlessly grabbed the hole shot and entered the first section of singletrack with a decent lead leaving Issac Neff(Neff Cycle Service) and others working hard to close the gap down. After chasing House back, WORS overall series leader Pete Karinen(Broken Spoke Racing) suffered a mechanical also causing him to DNF. Shortly after Karnien’s DNF, Corey Stelljes(Neff Cycle Service) who was in the lead group suffered from a flat tire adding to the first lap’s debacle. All of this activity can affect one’s race, but House’s goal was to ride his own race which is what he did. After feeling the pressure and motivation to find his first win of the year, he continued to push the pace and only Neff could match it. Although House felt that he was descending better, he could notice that Neff was much stronger in the steep climbs. After two laps of back and forth, House felt that he finally had an edge on the hills and that it was his time to attack. After a split second decision, he jumped on a climb hammering to the top immediately opening a gap. Neff, feeling the lactic acid setting in, couldn’t match the pace. House would continue to ride on finishing in first with Neff less than thirty seconds behind in second place. With House and Neff off the front, Karinen sidelined with a mechanical, the next group on course was Ben Senkerik(Team Extreme) and Caleb Swartz(Linear Sport/Trek). Swartz swapped places with Senkerik after Senkerik became victim to a mechanical. Swartz thenrode in third for majority of the race but Senkerik after fixing his set back, was on the hunt. Senkerik chased down Swartz and theybattled throughout the middle portion of the race. Towards the end of the race, Senkerik could feel himself pull away and once Swartz made a mistake in the singletrack he saw his opportunity. Senkerik jumped on it to finish in third while Swartz rode in for fourth. Honorary Mention goes to Stelljes who after his flat fought his way back to finish top five.   To see more results, visit   Join us at the next WORS race! For more info, visit
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