Buzzard Buster Course Information

Expert, Comp, Sport: One lap starting and ending at Bruce Mound Winter Sports area, and comprising of gravel and dirt forest roads, a short ATV trail, and cross country ski trails and singletrack at the Levis Mound Trail system. Course length will be between 25-30 miles (depending on course conditions late in the week).

Citizens will use the same course except shorter, at around 18-20 miles and less technical.

There is a long gravel road lead out-around 5 miles for a high speed start-then into the Levis Mound system, on and off singletrack (the longest being 2.9 miles "Goatdance" and "Yellow Jacket"). The trail is in excellent condition as of July 28th. Some new trails which NASTI has constructed this summer will be used during the race and some which have not made an appearence in past Buzzard Busters. The return to Bruce Mound will use the Beaver Dam trail, built for the Midwest Mountain Bike Festival last year (2.8 miles of singletrack) then a short blacktop run to the finish at Bruce Mound.

Trail marking should be completed by Saturday - some trails may still have to be ribboned off then, but arrows will be up - it will be marked like Chequamegon, mostly arrows, not a lot of ribbon unless needed.

Remember: Because of the mass start format, the Buzzard Buster will not be using the standardized start times. Start order is listed below:

10:00 - Expert
10:05 - Comp
10:10 - Sport
10:15 - Citizen
10:20 - Citizen Youth

2:00 - Shimano Youth Series Kid's Race
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