Don Edberg nominated for Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

Edit 7/13/2011: Ballots are due this, Friday 7/15. For 20 years, Don Edberg has served as the Founder, Director, and central guiding force of the Wisconsin Off Road Series. In this year, WORS 20th anniversary season, we wanted to nominate Don to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame for his contributions as an event promoter. You can read the complete nomination here.
"In the WORS Series, Edberg has demonstrated, perhaps more than any other race promoter, that the highest levels of mountain bike competition can be best achieved by extending an inclusive welcome to as many mountain bikers as possible..."
...Cooperation and Inclusion An enduring and outstanding characteristic of Edberg’s leadership of the WORS Series has been the amazing work done by volunteers and family. Edberg has a genius for enlisting help and retaining cooperative partnerships. He is quick to deflect praise by pointing out that WORS is much more than the Series, and that, as Series Director, he does only some the work. In fact, the crew of volunteers who set up and tear down the WORS venue at each race sometimes tease him by claiming that Edberg “only works 12 days a year.” In reality, Edberg built the WORS Series through long hours while he was also a single parent, in the years after losing his wife to cancer. While WORS was still becoming established, Edberg left his career as a physical therapist in order to be able to dedicate the time needed to manage and grow the series...
As is fitting for such a prestigious award, Don Edberg faces some outstanding competition in the Promoter category this year. The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame is based in Crested Butte, Co and only paying members can vote.
If you would like to vote for your favorite Mountain Bike Hall of Fame nominees, become a member of the MBHOF. The application form is right here on this website. It’s the only way you can vote unless you are a past inductee. To join, go to our MEMBERSHIP page, download an application, fill it out and snail mail it to us with a check or money order. We will send out the ballots in June.
- MBHOF Nomination Page Just like the sport of mountain biking itself, the MBHOF in Crested Butte has grown from a small group of enthusiasts in a particular local area and still retains a distinctive regional flavor. A large number of inductees are from Colorado and California - and the list is steadily growing to include many inductees from around the US. Don's induction into the Hall of Fame would represent a significant increase in the representation of Midwest Mountain Bike community. We wish Don the best of luck in the voting process and - whatever the outcome - we hope you'll join us in thanking Don for all he's done for MTB racing in Wisconsin these last 20 years. Here's one of our favorite photos of Don racing - taken at the Reforestation Ramble in 2009.
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