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After months of preparation, weeks of sweat equity and days when even the voice that says "GOOOO!" was stretched thin - the 2010 Subaru Cup was a huge learning experience for WORS. Some things were pretty good, and some things we think we could have done better. In fact, we're preparing an opinion survey for those of you who would like to give us some feedback, should we attempt another large-scale event. We're thinking hard about whether doing such a national-level race again in 2011 is possible, and whether there will be support and resources to make a second Pro XCT happen here in Wisconsin.

In the weeks after the Cup, WORS Series Director Don Edberg has been thinking hard about all of those questions, and he took some time to collect these comments about the Subaru Cup. We thought that you might like to see them too. You can read them below, and download them as a pdf, here. And if you have comments to add, feel free to send them to, or leave them on the WORS Facebook or message board. And thanks again, very much, to all of you who made the Subaru Cup as success in 2010.

A collection of quotes from blogs and media after the Subaru Cup Pro XCT race and Midwest Regional Championships weekend, organized by the Wisconsin Off Road Series on June 26th and 27th, 2010.

“I had heard that the WORS series had big turnouts, but I was really impressed with how many people were out at the race.  It was like the old days (or what I imagine the old days were like)!” Georgia Gould, Luna Pro Team

“The lap was short- about 4 miles, but it had a little bit of everything: short, punchy climbs; fast singletrack; tight switchbacks; a few rock gardens and plenty of places to pass.  Not only that, but the course wound around the venue making it very spectator-friendly.” Georgia Gould, Luna Pro Team

“Overall, I was very impressed with the event.  The course was great, there were tons of spectators and lots of amateur racers and kids.  I'd say it was the best national series race we've been to in awhile- hopefully we'll be back next year.  Thanks to everyone who came out and cheered- it always helps me dig a little deeper!”  Georgia Gould, Luna Pro Team

“I really don't think I've ever been to a Pro XC race before with that many fans, that cool of a course and that good of racing. I think all the riders in all the categories enjoyed it all and it was definitely a success and hopefully comes back next year. I think for the Pros especially it was exciting to have a World Cup style course with fans to make it exciting, it was for me.” Tristan Schouten, Mafia Racing

“Nice work, Sam, and in front of the best crowd we’ve seen at a National Series race in years.  The last Switch Back climb and Yee Haw descent of each lap was packed with cheering fans from all walks of life.  There were the families, the drunk singlespeeders and the stoked junior racers.  I told the most stoked junior to come fine me for a reward of some type.  All I could think of were the size medium Giro test gloves I raced in.”  Adam Craig, Robo Bank Giant

“I heard nothing but great compliments on the course and venue and definitely would be a great spot to host the US MTB Championships. With Champs being held out east or west it would be nice to have it in the Midwest for two years. Don and the WORS crew run a series like no one else in the country and set the benchmark high for sure.” Jay Richards, Maplelag Resort

“The course is pretty far out there at Mt Morris Nordic area but it is awesome. It has short twisty single track climbs and descents with a few open areas for passing. It is so much fun to ride I could have done laps all day.” Todd Wells, Specialized

“Wisconsin and WORS put on a great event, I hope we go back next year. The courses were fun and challenging, the spectators were awesome and the weather was good. I would say it's the coolest course on the PRO XCT circuit this year.” Todd Wells, Specialized Factory Racing

“On Saturday all of the elements of a good day of racing came together. Rad course—check; rowdy crowd—check; dialed bike—check; good legs—check; lots of luck—bonus check.” Sam Schultz, Subaru-Trek

“The Pro XCT race we did was part of the "WORS" series of racing.  I have always heard that the WORS series was one of the strongest mountain bike series in the US and it didn't disappoint.” “WORS designed a great course that passed within a hundred yards of the Start/Finish multiple times on each of our six laps. That made it a very spectator friendly course and the spectators showed up. In some sections they were three deep and screaming loudly. This race definitely had the best fans of any race I have been to.” Andy Schultz, Kenda/Felt

“The course was filled with short, steep, punchy climbs and some tight trees.  There wasn't a lap where I didn't bump a bar on a tree.  It was pretty much exactly what you would expect from a race in Wisconsin.  I rode my heart out out there but didn't seem to go anywhere.  It was still a lot of fun though.  There were more fans out on this course then on any other I have ever done.  It was awesome.” Andy Schultz, Kenda/Felt

“Summary: great course, great fans, great organization as always from Don,” Brendan Moore, Trek Mountain Co-op

“We pre-rode on friday and I was really happy with the layout and course design. The only person that I know was involved with set-up was Porter Million, but the whole WORS staff did a A+ job. Everyone I talked to really liked the course, which is not usually the case.” Jack Hinkens, Trek Mountain Co-op

“WORS put on a top-notch event just as I knew they would.  Having a pro race come to WI was a long time in the making and it was awesome to be a part of the action.  Hopefully it was just the start of what will become many more pro level events in WI.  WORS is a great group of people that make racing fun and exciting, so thanks again for making the ProXCT happen.” T.J. Woodruff, Trek Store – Boulder

“This event is a pretty big deal for the Midwest racing scene, which hasn’t seen a national-level event since 2001. WORS (Wisconsin Off-Road Series) is one of the most successful and the largest mountain bike series in the country. It’s very apparent from the couple WORS races I’ve been too. The spectators are dense, there’s energy, the fields are large (even the women’s), there’s 12 races a year, and the entry fees are sub $30! A huge thanks to Don Edberg for bringing the Subaru Cup to the Pro XCT and putting on a fantastic event.” Chloe Forsman, Tokyo Joes

“The course was sooo much fun. It had alot of switch back climbing and switch back descents, very little free speed,” Sue Stephens, Bell’s Beer/Quiring Cycles

“The spectators were amazing!  I absolutely loved the course and had fun on the drops.  It was incredibly hard, but that’s to be expected at a UCI race!” Megan Korol, Mafia Racing

“I think Wisco is on of my new favorite places. The race was well done, and such a fun course.” Stephen Ettinger, Mafia Racing


“I had a great time in Wisconsin and so far it was the most organized National of the year in my opinion. The course had plenty of single track and also many places to pass but best of all were the tons of spectators cheering everyone through the whole course. I truly believe in the power of cheering and there is nothing better than that, so a BIG thank you to the Wisconsin crowd for a wonderful atmoshere:) We will be back for sure.” Aleksandra Mooradian, K.Bedfor/Verge/Spin Professional Cycling Team

As happy I am to be heading to Colorado and some nice dry air, I gotta say the racing was pretty damn fun. I can't remember a race in the USA with that many people watching and cheering. It really makes the racing funner, and harder at the same time. Maybe Mont Saint Anne tops this one but that is at a whole different level. Good Job WORS, keep it up and come back next year with a C1 :) Max Plaxton, Specialized/Sho-Air

“The mountain isn’t much but the trails and course rock. It was made up of ninety percent tight, tacky single-track trails with short switch back climbs and tight descents.” “The fans in Wisconsin were awesome and one of the forested climbs was packed with people and felt a bit like a Euro World Cup.” Todd Wells, Specialized Factory Team

“I think the best part was the story that the ever-classy Mrs Peters was telling. She watched the pro race with a racer outta Texas' dad. This race-dad and kid have been hitting the natl race scene and, the dad was stunned by the turnout of crazy cheeseheads. In particular, he noted that not only were the crowds the biggest and by FAR the loudest of any mtn bike in the country - he had never ever seen the ear-splitting roar that came for every local pro, as they looped around the course. He was dumfounded, and had to ask Mrs Peters " what IS that ?? " t-mon-t

“A very exciting weekend at the Subaru Cup Pro XCT in Mt Morris, Wisconsin.  This was the rebirth of a national pro level mtb event in the Midwest for the first time since 2002 when a NORBA National XC was last held at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI.  The racing was intense all weekend along with the best fans that you could ask for.  They cheered or rang cowbells no matter if we were suffering up the switchback climbs or descending through the spectator packed Firelane section of the course where it was at the noise level of a World Cup race according to the top pro's.  Thanks to Don Edberg and WORS for a great event that we all hope returns year after year!” Scott Cole, Adeventure 212/Specialized

“The race certainly had a festival atmosphere, and there were more spectators than at any other Pro XCT this season. The WORS organisation seemed well oiled and free of the glitches that often plague first-time Pro XCT races.

Many of the top professional racers raved about the course, comparing it to World Cup courses in terms of lap length, punchy climbs, and the fact that there was virtually nowhere that you can rest on the course.

"They did a fantastic job on the course," said Gould. "There is plenty of room to pass and it was spectator friendly. It had technical stuff and power stuff. It was really fun to ride." Dave McElwaine,

The crowds on the course today were large, and as enthusiastic as those you find at World Cup races. Adam Craig said, "This is the biggest crowd we’ve seen in a long time at a national series race. WORS…they love it." Dave McElwaine,


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  • RT @yetidude WORS Subaru Cup this past weekend was awesome! Great chance to watch Sam Schultz, JHK & the Pros race in WI. Thanks @teamWORS!
  • RT @ryantrebon @teamWORS Thanks for having out this weekend. One of the best mtb races I've been to in a long time.
  • RT @RichardsJay Great job @teamWORS with the Pro XCT race today. Be nice to have Natl Mtb championships in Midwest, this would be the place!
  • RT @ryantrebon WI did it up right with the Pro XCT today, awesome course and great crowds. Sure as shit hope we come back here next year.
  • RT @irmigrrr Seamless change to the new bike, sweet course, SPECTACULAR WORS fans, felt great & finished 3rd. It's a good day.
  • RT @yotwells: The course here in Wisconsin is awesome, just like riding where I grew up in N.Y. with a few less rocks.
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