Extra Subaru Cup Photo Contest Categories

Please review the recently updated WORS Photo Contest rules, and submit photos to TeamWORS at gmail dot com.

Categories ($10 WORS Bucks for Best Photo in each category)

  1. Best Venue Photo. For tips on this category, see this page. A particular challenge of the Rhinelander venue is the long, narrow start area and the pines that separate it from the awards podium.
  2. Best Photo of Racer(s) and Sponsor Banners. For tips on this category, see the Team WORS website. Team WORS plans to install banners within walking distance of the start. Directions to these banners will be available at the Registration Tent after 4:00 on Saturday.
  3. Best Candid Moment. This could be a photograph of a racer, from the kids race, the podium, or spectators.
  4. Best Photo of Dad at the Kid's Race. Hey, it's father's day weekend. Call your dad.
  5. Best Photo of a Pro / Cat 1 Women?s leader. Sorry ladies, but we've got to keep VeloNews posted. Although our leading men have a dedicated paparazzi, the ladies in the lead have proven elusive for WORS photographers this season. Only a few photos of the speeding Kim Eppen have been taken, and photographic proof of a strong Minnesota showing at the Big Ring Classic was sparse. WORS draws nationally ranked women from around the Midwest, especially to the Subaru Cup. Catch them on film for the win ? unless, of course, they ride by too fast.
  6. Best Photo from the Short Track Race on Sunday. Bonus points to those who capture our Cat 2 and 3 riders.
  7. Best Photo from the Super D on Sunday. Bonus points to those who capture our Cat 2 and 3 riders.
$25 WORS Bucks for the Overall Best Photo. This can be an image submitted to any of the Categories below, or may not apply to any of the specific categories for this race ? just a great image!
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