Fast, Dry, and Fun in Kewaskum

Sunburst Ski Area (Kewaskum, Wisconsin) hosted WORS #6, the Sunburst Showdown over the weekend. This popular southern Wisconsin ski hill has developed a mountain bike trail which although not very great in length or overall vertical, challenges riders with numerous power climbs, short sections of tight rocky singletrack, and frequent momentum robbing off-camber switchbacks.

The warm Sunday morning met 41 competitors for the WORS Trail Run Series trail running race. While starting on the mountain bike course, the Sunburst trail run course varies from our other trail run races in that it is run mostly on loop of Wisconsin?s Ice Age Trail from which bikes are restricted. Fastest times for the long course (approximately 4 miles) went to Kerry Sweet of Mundelein, IL, with a time of 33:19, and Scott Lachance from Green Bay, WI, with a time of 23:04. Short course competitors Antonia Leal and Nathan Sweet held the fast times of 17:25 and 14:21 respectively.

The WORS Citizen Youth mountain bike race followed the trail run at 9:30 with 37 competitors aged 8-12 years old competing for two laps on a modified, less climbing intensive course. 9 year old Jessica House (Oneida, WI) and 12 year old Arin Lemke (Cedarburg, WI) finished with the fastest times for the girls in their respective 8-10 and 11-12 age groups. For the boys, fast times went to Myles Beach (Larsen, WI) for the 8-10 year olds, and Zeb Rybar (Apple Valley, MN) for the 11-12 year olds.

The USA Cycling Citizen Series race saw 197 participants from as far away as Japan. The 10:00 start allowed these competitors to escape the peak of the day?s heat and humidity which still had a significant effect on times. Following our cool wet Spring, few competitors have acclimated to the heat and combined with the frequent climbs of the Sunburst course, times for the less than ten mile race were relatively slow. Having warmed up with a victory in the women?s short course trail run earlier in the morning, Antonia Leal (Greendale, WI) came across at 53:22 for the women?s fastest time. Roland Rieflin (Oconto Falls, WI) set the mark for Citizen men with a time of 48:19 while Jeffrey Milligan (Chicago, IL) led the big men of Citizen Clydesdales recording a time of 56:40.

The 11:30 start of the Saris Sport Series came with increasing temperatures and the addition of one more circuit around the Sunburst course. Lisa Krayer?s (North Freedom, WI) time of 1:20:50 and David Bottum?s (East Troy, WI) 1:06:30 emerged as the fastest Sport times of the day for the women and men respectively. Bill Schneider (Green Bay, WI) set the pace for the Singlespeed category with his time of 1:11:01 while Tim Smith (Plainfield, IL) turned in fast time for Sport Clydesdales with a time of 1:17:50.

In the Bel Gioioso Elite Series race, with an early break it was Doug Swanson (Trek/VW) holding off Tristan Schouten (PCW Cycling) going into lap two of five. Schouten closed on Swanson in lap two and the two rode together until midway through the last lap when Schouten had the misfortune to catch a stick in his drivetrain. It was reported that Swanson leaned against a tree and waited, but Tristan was unable to resume the previous pace secondary to damage to his bike. Swanson cruised onto victory with Schouten limping in behind him. When the times were posted, it was Doug Swanson taking top honors at 1:32:56, followed by Tristan Schouten. The battle for third and fourth was a full race affair with AJ Ettmayer Jr (Team Pedal Moraine) victorious in a finishline sprint over Brian Shaning (PCW Cycling). Jesse Lalonde (Kenwood/Gunnar) riding a singlespeed had closed on Ettmayer and Shanning several times only to drop his chain and being forced to settle for fifth. For the women, it was Sara Kylander-Johnson (Trek Midwest Regional Team) finishing on a flat with a time of 1:29:24 to take top spot on the podium. Jenna Zander ( finished with a WORS career high second place at just over a minute back. Teammates Rebecca Cleveland (Bike Hub) and Susan Juedes (Bike Hub) took the three and four spots, with Sara Stanford (D?Arcy Cycling Team) completing the top five. The Clif Bar Comp Series race showed 16 year old Josh Kay (Hayes Ontrack Race Team) will keep his Clif Bar Comp overall leader?s jersey with a fourth place overall finish. Twin brother Jonathan Kay (Hayes Ontrack Race Team) posted the fast time of the day with Jan Rybar (unattached) and Nathan Guerra (Guerra Means War) in second and third.

Thanks to Dave Hasse and his crew (and mother nature) for another fun and enjoyable event. Next stop, the Phillips Dirtfighter Classic. We?re heading north for event number 6 in WORS 2004 sponsored by Subaru, an event characterized by a welcoming town, a fun course, free camping, and the best racer meal (unofficially declared in online voting). See you in two weeks!
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