Final Selection for Midwestern Regional Tournament

The following WORS racers are those that qualified for and accepted entry to the Iceman race in Traverse City, Michigan on November 5 to represent WORS and either Wisconsin or Illinois in the first ever Midwestern Regional Tournament a competition between the champions of the Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, and Wisconsin state series. Congratulations and Good Luck!






Pro/Semi-Pro MenPro/Semi-Pro Men

Brian Matter

Expert Men 15-18Expert Men 15-18

Cole House

Expert Men 19-24Expert Men 19-24

Nathan Guerra

Expert Men 25-29Expert Men 25-29

Ronald Stawicki

Expert Men 30-34Expert Men 30-34

Jerrry Long

Kevin Klug

Expert Men 35-39Expert Men 35-39

Ray Nelson

Expert Men 40-44Expert Men 40-44

Jerry Daanen

Kory Nauta

Expert Men 45-54Expert Men 45-54

Don Edberg

Sport Men 15-18Comp Men 15-18

Ryan Bauman

Sport Men 19-24Comp Men 19-24

Tim Pacholski

Sport Men 25-29Comp Men 25-29

Joshua Probst

Sport Men 30-34Comp Men 30-34

Chad Wilsing

Sport Men 35-39Comp Men 35-39

John Lirette

Ken Krebs

Sport Men 40-44Comp Men 40-44

Ross Lemke

Dennis Schueler

Sport Men 45-49Comp Men 45-49

David Torgler

Sport Men 50-54Comp Men 50-54

Larry Reimer

Larry Swanson

Beginner Men 15-18Citizen Men 15-18

Jim Doherty

Beginner Men 19-24Citizen Men 19-24

Kyle Guerra

Beginner Men 25-29Citizen Men 25-29

Anthony Dipizza

Beginner Men 30-34Citizen Men 30-34

Peter Cherchian

Beginner Men 35-39Citizen Men 35-39

Shawn Meinke

Beginner Men 40-44Citizen Men 40-44

Chris Tamborino

All Men 12-14All Men 12-14

Aristotle Peters

All Men 55-64All Men 55-64

Mike Ruzich

All Men 65+All Men 65+

Don Howell

Pro/Exp Women 19-34Pro/Exp Wm 19-34

Christina Betz

Sara Stanford

Expert Women 35-44Expert Women 35-44

Lori Sable

Sport Women 19-34Sport Women 19-34

Anna Fink

Rachel Gatto

Sport Women 35-44Sport Women 35-44

Kristina Meinig

Spt/Exp Women 45+Spt/Exp Women 45+

Wendy Burns

Beginner Women 19-34Citizen Women 19-34

Catherine Swanson

Gabriela Baranova

Beginner Women 45+Citizen Women 45+

Amy Dykema

All Women 12-18All Women 12-18

Jasmine House

Beginner ClydesdalesCitizen Clydesdales
Spt/Exp ClydesdalesComp Clydesdale

Pete Stinski

Men Single SpeedSingle Speed

Jeremy Rodriguez

Women SinglespeedSpt Wmn Singlespeed

Amy Pikalek

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