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Update 8/4/2012: Found!  Thanks to those who expressed interest.  I'm excited to be working together with a fellow WORS racer on media coverage, beginning at the Subaru Cup. If you saw this post after the position was filled, and are interested in WORS media, feel free to contact me.  Participation is always welcome and help is always appreciated! A post from WORS Race Reporter Claire Gehling: On my first day as a member of TeamWORS at the 2007 Iola Bump & Jump - I tried to quit.  (It was really hard work!)  I also made a mistake.  When Don Edberg asked me if I was a "writer", I thought he said "rider". I thought he wanted me to get on my mountain bike and ride. So I said, "Yes!"  That's how I became the WORS Race Reporter by accident. Five years later, and I haven't quit again.  WORS is a great community.  It's my community. I can't help but enjoy the little ways in which I can help our community to grow, share our experiences, and connect with one another.  We're always looking towards the future at WORS, and I'm hoping to help it grow even more next year.  That's why it's time for me to ask for help with one of my favorite roles on TeamWORS - as WORS Race Reporter.  I'm seeking an "apprentice" to work with for the remainder of the 2012 Season - with a view to training a new WORS Race Reporter to step into the spotlight.  Interviewing the Pro XCT racers at the Subaru Cup seems like a great place to start. The WORS Race Reporter serves the WORS Community, and helps WORS to garner national recognition for our racers, and for the sponsors who make the WORS Series possible.  You'll also get to know our racers.  In addition to being ridiculously fast, the BelGioioso Elite men and women are incredibly nice, generous, smart and hilarious.  This is the fun part! The WORS Race Reporter is a great opportunity for someone who wants real-world, resume-building experience with written media.  In fact, I was hired for the position I now hold at Trek Bicycle (voted today as one of Outdoor Magazine's Best Places to Work!) on the strength of the volunteer work I've done for WORS. Working with WORS, and within WORS, is a great opportunity to connect professionally and build, or start, a career. Because your byline will be the official author credit, you'll be regularly published at top media sites. And you will be fully supported by myself and WORS Series Director Don Edberg as you learn in this role.  I'm open to offering mentorship and training in any of the related areas of WORS media that are of interest, including social media, email campaigns, website design and coding, photo contest and graphic design work, analytics, and the general strategies of communication and community building on which WORS' success is based.  As a former college professor, I understand the importance of teaching and learning through experience.  I also understand the essential need to work towards mutual goals as a team.  If you have a personal or professional goal, and you think working with WORS is a great opportunity to reach it - I'm ready to help. Is the WORS Race Reporter paid?  Yes.  It's not much, but the more you know, the better the job gets. It can be a great "part-time" source of a little extra in the "bike stuff fund". Interested?  Send me an email and we'll connect.  teamwors at gmail dot com. Thanks! Claire Gehling
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