House Takes the Win at Treadfest

The 2018 WORS finale,  Treadfest hosted by Treadhead Cycling and the Grand Geneva Resort,took place in Lake Geneva over the weekend. The venue is a small ski hill in southern Wisconsin and provides a course with tons of climbing, technical single track and a bit of sand.  Weather for the race was extremely hot with hydration challenging racers and spectators alike! The BelGioioso Elite Men took off quickly at the start with Ben Senkerik (Team Extreme) climbing noticeably well with Cole House (Pete’s Garage).  House and Senkerik formed a gap on the other men pretty early on, and seemed to ride together for most of the race.  Senkerik used his knowledge of House's riding to help him pull ahead in hilly areas.  House rode the singletrack and technical sections perfectly all day long, so Senkerik stayed back in these areas to conserve energy.  The heat seemed to have an effect on both men all day, making it especially difficult on their legs. Both men mentioned this race really making them hurt, furthermore showing they really pushed each ot The BelGioioso Elite Women's race started off the race with a brutal climb, with Leia Schneeberger (Broken Spokes Racing) and Holly Lavesser (Neff Cycle Service) immediately taking the lead. The two battled the entire race together through the grueling 90 degree temperature.  The heat was bothersome to the ladies, even Lavesser described her legs as “flat”.  Schneeberger and Lavesser battled throughout the race, but Lavesser ended up crashing on the second lap, giving Schneeberger a chance to form a gap.  Schneeberger ended up coming through the line first with Lavesser not far off her. We look forward to more racing in the 2019 season, for complete results for Treadfest can be found on the Results tab of this website.
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