Iceman to Host Midwest Regional Championship Again!

As the race season winds down we have received information to update WORS racers on the 2007 Midwest Regional Championship. Racers for the past two years have expressed their appreciation for this additional reward and competition.  


At the Iceman last year, participating race directors agreed that we should continue to hold the regional tournament at the Iceman again for 2007.


Offering many of WORS class winners an opportunity to compete in the largest single day (and sold out) MTB event in North America is certainly a great reward for their accomplishments and an excellent way to showcase the talent of WORS racers.


The "Iceman", Steve Brown, noting the costs of offering free passes to our division winners for the past two years, is requiring racers to pay $10 each this year to help cover the basic costs of numbers plates, administration, timing, etc..


Given that the normal entry fee for 2007 is $60, seems like a small price to pay to continue to hold this regional competition at the Iceman race. Thanks to Steve for making this possible!


The Midwest Regional Championships (MRC) are a "lowest-points wins" competition between mountain bike race series in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and now West Virginia that pits division winners from each state series in a head to head competition. 1st place equals 1 point, 2nd place 2 points and so on. DNF

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