Important Information For Upcoming Events

The Buzzard Buster on August 8th is a unique event in the series. Unlike the other events which run laps on a smaller course, the Buzzard Buster is a marathon style event which is a single loop approximately 25-30 miles in length. Citizen competitors will have a shorter 15 mile loop and Citizen Youth will use a 5 mile loop. The other unique feature of this event is the start time. ALL CLASSES WILL STAGE AT 10:00 AM! This mass start will go by class, starting with the Elites with the other classes following in five minute intervals. Please remind your friends, your teammates, your enemies?everyone, about this 10:00am start time.

The Alterra Coffee Bean Classic, originally scheduled for June 13th (and postponed due to the flooding experienced in southern Wisconsin) is officially set for August 29th. If you preregistered for this event in June, you will still be registered for the new date. If you are unsure, you may confirm an online registration by contacting, or a mail in entry by contacting Please share this information with others who may not have access to the WORS website.
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