Introducing our new WORS Videographer and Contour Cameras

WORS is very pleased to announce our official 2011 TeamWORS videographer and our amazing new demo racer cameras from product sponsor Contour. Here's a couple examples of the Contour cameras in action. The first, hosted at Vimeo, gives a better idea of the high quality of the image captured by the Contour camera. The video is a complete, unedited download of the Kinetic Citizen Series race at the Chippewa Valley Firecracker. Enjoy!

Demo the new TeamWORS Contour Racer Cams!

The 2011 WORS Videographer, Marty Tank, will be handling the Contour Camera demo program for WORS. If have an interest in shooting POV video on one of the video topics below, or just trying the CONTOUR cam at your next WORS race, please feel free to contact him at and he would be happy to coordinate the use of one of the Contour cameras with you at any WORS event. We've tested the new Contour cameras and we think you'll be blown away by the video quality and ease of use.  Contour also offers unique and very cool features - especially for those who love to mountain bike.  Their online community makes it easy to edit and share video.  And their built-in GPS functions allow you to view your video side-by-side with your position on the map.  Very cool!

Marty Tank is the new official WORS videographer.

Since starting to seriously create video over 3 years ago, he's developed a real passion for bicycle related video production. Besides working with WORS, Marty also creates videos for Airborne Bicycles as a member of the Airborne Flight Crew and for a number of outdoors organizations including Wheel & Sprocket, Hayes Bicycle Group, Kali Protectives, GoPro and the Southern Kettle Moraine chapter of WORBA. He has collected a number of contest wins for his video work (including the WORS Subaru Cup Video Remix contest) and has had videos featured on, Airborne Bicycles website and numerous other websites and blogs. Here's Marty's winning Subaru Cup Video Remix entry: Marty's excited about this new opportunity to be working on video projects with the WORS community. These project will include videos surrounding the topics of amateur teams within WORS, Juniors, Women, Families and the Subaru Cup. For those interested in working with a talented videographer and video editor, Marty is open to accepting freelance opportunities. Email: phone: 414.698.1194.
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