Introducing the WORS Cascade XC for Kids

The inaugural WORS Cascade XC for Kids on September 28th and 29th marks what is anticipated to be a long and mutually beneficial relationship between the mountain bike riders of the Midwest and one of Wisconsin’s premier ski area, Cascade Mountain. A first for WORS in many ways, the Cascade XC for Kids is a fundraiser in support of the recently established WIN (WORS Interscholastic) Cycling, a not for profit organization devoted to the mission of the establishment of school-based mountain bike clubs in communities throughout Wisconsin. WIN Cycling is a resource for leadership, coaching, training, volunteer, fund raising and development programs, including the organization and administration of a scholastic race series to kick off with the 2014 school year. A test event for WIN Cycling is in the works for Saturday morning at the Cascade XC. There is a lot of work to be done. WORS will need your help with the estimate 1000 man hours of work necessary to construction trails at Cascade and WIN Cycling will need many volunteers and a lot of support to accomplish its mission and for the Cascade XC to raise much of the necessary funding to do so. To join in the trail efforts, please use the form below to join our Cascade contact list. To become involved with WIN Cycling visit the WIN Cycling Facebook and please submit your name to our WIN Cycling contact list. We hope that you will come out and join in the support of this great cause. We encourage you to start a scholastic mountain bike club/team in your town. [highlight]Please join us for the WORS Cascade XC for Kids. We promise a unique experience that will leave you wanting to spend a lot more time riding and racing the trails of Cascade Mountain.[/highlight] Form is online here:

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