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WORS declared 2012 "The Year of the Junior".  In 2012 alone, the Wisconsin Off Road Series hosted nearly 2700 junior entrants.  Over 1700 competitors 17-and-under raced WORS singletrack events 30-minutes and longer, ranging from the beginner level to Cat 1 Elite. In addition, the 10-and-under WORS Kid's Race, presented by Attitude Sports, averaged over 80 participants at each WORS venue during the 2012 Series. WORS Series Director Don Edberg, who coaches with the SPASH Mountain Bike Club, is ready to bring even greater focus to the support mountain biking in our schools and interscholastic mountain bike races as he has committed the full resources of WORS along with significant financial backing to WIN Cycling  as well as existing junior opportunities within WORS.

How can you help today? Donate and Volunteer to become a part of WIN Cycling!

Please help us to raise awareness and funds to bring mountain biking and mountain bike racing to our schools.  All donations will be used to support local club development, get Juniors on to bikes, and support existing local clubs who wish to expand Junior development programs.
  • REGISTER: Everyone who registers for the 2013 WORS Series will have the opportunity to support WIN Cycling.
  • DONATE: Please visit and donate.  Those individuals who donate $25 will receive a WIN Cycling sticker showing their support.  We are looking for support from shops as well and have a partner shop progam for them to participate in.  WIN Cycling's sponsorship program is also available for businesses wishing to commit to the advocacy of mountain biking in our schools.
  • VOLUNTEER:  Become a champion of WIN Cycling by visiting the website and completing volunteer survey so WIN will be able to reach out to you and get you involved in a way that fits your skills, level of interest, local, and availability.

[highlight]Introducing WIN Cycling [/highlight]

WIN Cycling is dedicated to facilitating the establishment of school-based mountain bike clubs in communities throughout Wisconsin. The organization will be a resource for leadership, coaching, training, volunteering, fund raising, and development programs, including the organization and administration of a race series to provide an avenue for spirited competition and community-building among these student clubs.

What will we be doing?

First, we will focus on the creation and development of school based mountain bike clubs thoughout the Wisconsin.  We won't exclude interested clubs based on state borders, and we're happy to welcome Juniors of all ages  to compete in WORS and hope to see continued development of those clubs that choose to race WORS as well.  After all, one of our fastest growing categories at WORS are racers 14-and-under! WIN Cycling is a resource with decades of experience.  It will serve as a support for, and means to connect between, local interests.  We can help support local fundraising efforts.  Bottom line, we'll be getting things done, and helping those of you who want to get things done for juniors mountain bike racing.  As more strong local clubs become a reality, we'll move on to teams capable of supporting junior events, and ultimately a race series for Interscholastic Cycling. An interscholastic test event is scheduled for September 28 at Cascade Mountain in Portage.  So get your school's team together!  This event will be open to school team, composite teams (students from nearby schools combining to form a team), and independent student-atheletes, (home schooled and those with no local school or composite team representing their school district).  This inaugural WIN Cycling event will take place on Saturday and overlap the Sunday WORS race, the Cascade XC for Kids presented by Machinery Row Bicycles which is a fund raising event for WIN Cycling.  Planning is under way for a stand alone four race interscholastic race series for WIN Cycling beginning in September of 2014.   Please visit for more details as they become available.
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