Krayer Wins at Reforestation Ramble

The Wisconsin Off Road Series(WORS) held race number 9 of the 12 race schedule on August 25th in Suamico, WI. Just outside of Green Bay, WI, the Reforestation Ramble is a popular event on the WORS calendar that offers longer distance racing combined with higher speeds than are typical with other races in the series. This makes the event attractive to both experienced mountain bikers and road riders alike. The course offers a good amount of flowing single track along with plenty of high speed action on several sections of double track roads. This year’s event had racers battling the heat with temperatures well into the 90’s and high humidity. The weather, in combination with a very dusty course, forced most of the participants to monitor their hydration very closely. Being a “marathon” format, this race has longer laps than are typical in WORS. Riders are used to a lap of around 5 miles, where the Reforestation Ramble has around 11 miles for each lap. Due to this race format, Cat 1 started about 10 minutes before Cat 2 racers instead of starting after Cat 2 is finished as they would in a typical race. The Belgioioso Elite Men’s race jumped into action with local pro, Cole House(Cashcall Cycling Team/616) taking a huge lead over the remaining pack of pro men in the first lap. He was followed not far behind by a very determined Joe Maloney(KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin) who also maintained a decent gap over the remainder of the Cat 1 pack.  House had such a big gap that he ended up getting tangled into some lap traffic with the tail end of the Cat 2 racers. This resulted in an unfortunate crash that ended the race prematurely for him. At a more steady pace, Brian Matter(RACC/Trek/ Gear Grinder) and Tristan Schouten(Rolf Prima Wheels) pushed each other’s limits in the heat. Following closely behind, Tyler Gauthier(Border Grill-Quick Stop) and Darrin Braun(Adventure 212/Specialized) held the wheels of Matter and Schouten. The pack eventually regrouped and passed Maloney who was still happy with a 5th place spot. Matter grabbed his second win in a row, which is also his second win of the season, with Schouten once again taking the 2nd step on the podium. Gauthier and Braun were 3rd and 4th respectively. In the women’s race, spectators were a little surprised to see a new face in the lead throughout the entire race. Abigail Strigel(Honey Stinger/Bontrager) had started off in the front with Cooper Dendel(Border Grill-Quick Stop). But both were soon passed by Lisa Krayer(Adventure 212/Specialized). Krayer has been very consistent with finding her way to the podium. But this was the first time this season that she has taken the win. It was very apparent that the heat was draining the energy away from most of the participants. On the 2nd lap through, Strigel had thrown down her Camelbak to relieve herself from the excess weight and heat. Dendel followed suit by tossing her water as well. She said the decision paid off as she felt to be at least 5 degrees cooler. The decision by Strigel and Dendel may have been too little and too late as Krayer was already working her way to victory. Krayer knows the level of riders that she was up against and showed a look of determination and excitement, knowing she was being chased down by Strigel and Dendel. While Strigel closed the gap quite a bit in the final lap, she was still about 20 seconds short. Dendel was not far behind grabbing a 3rd place spot. Andrea Matter(Gear Grinder) and Leia Schneeberger(Magnus) finished off 4th and 5th place respectively as they battled the heat. The WORS series will pick up again September 8th in Lake Geneva, WI for Treadfest. In the meantime, the WORS crew is holding a Labor Day campout to encourage volunteers to help prepare trails for Wisconsin’s inaugural interscholastic mountain bike event later this summer. The event will happen in Portage, WI at the Cascade trail system from August 30th through September 2nd. For more information visit or 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
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