Midwest Regional Championships Competition Returns to Iceman

WORS has just received word from OMBC's Ryan O’Dell that the Midwest Mountain Bike Championship (MMBC) will again be hosted by the Iceman Cometh Challenge in Traverse City, Michigan on Saturday, November 6. The MMBC is a competition between mountain bike series in the Midwest and includes WORS, the DINO series from Indiana, the OMBC series of Ohio, the Tailwind Series of Michigan, and KYMBA representing Kentucky. See the WORS Race Report recap of the 2009 Midwest Mountain Bike Championship, here - and a report on the Pro Races and Wisconsin's Win at cyclingnews, here.

It was thought that this competition may need to find a new host event as the Iceman changed their format to age-based racing for all amateurs this year, and all series involved in the MMBC use ability based categories. However, it has been decided that the competition will go on. Steve Brown of the Iceman has offered access to his sold out event for class winners of each of the series for a mere $10 administrative fee. So it our understanding that each an every WORS class winner has the opportunity to race the Iceman. As far as scoring for the MMBC, each entrant will compete in their appropriate Iceman age division and scoring for the competition will be as it has been in the past*.

The great news for 2010 is that every class winner (excluding Junior age classes) is eligible to represent WORS this year. However, if the class winner cannot attend, the entry can not be “passed-down” this year. All class winners wishing to participate must submitted a completed entry to WORS by 5:00 p.m. October 14th. WORS will pick-up the $10 administrative fee due to the Iceman!

Download your entry form HERE.

*Scoring for the MMBC is centered on a lowest common denominator, lowest points win’s formula.

  • One point is counted for each place within an Iceman age division. First place equals one point, second place two points, third place three points, etc.
  • The number of divisions that will be counted to rank each state series will be based on the state sending the fewest “finishing” representatives. This will allow a smaller series to compete on a level playing field with a larger series.
  • The lowest minimum finishing number of representatives is 10 to insure that the competition is representative.
  • If a state sends fewer than 10, they will be penalized 20 points for each missing representative.
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