Midwest Regional Championships (Iceman) Qualifiers

Attached is a list of the WORS qualifiers and alternates for the 2008 Midwest Regional Championships to be held as part of Iceman Cometh Mountain Bike Race in Traverse City, Michigan on November 8.  If you have not confirmed whether or not you will be able to attend and represent WORS in the competition, please do so before Friday, October 17.  If you feel I have made an error in our calculations, please email me.  If you know that both the qualifier and alternate are not planning to attend and believe you are next in line, please email me, don@wors.org.  I will try to update this list as new information becomes available.




 2008 Midwest Regional Championships Qualifiers   Updated 10-15, 10:00 a.m.
    Confirmed   Confirmed
Category WORS Quilifier  Yes   No Alternate  Yes   No
Pro/Semi-Pro Men Jesse Lalonde     Travis Woodruff    
Expert Men 15-18 Kelby Shaw          
Expert Men 19-24 Dallas Fowler   X   Sam Wellskopf    
Expert Men 25-29 Landon Lueck     Ted Hanes    
Expert Men 30-34 Maciej Nowak   X   Ron Knutowski    
Expert Men 35-39 Ray Nelson   X   Josh Barrett    
Expert Men 40-44 Jeff Melcher   X   John Lirrette    
Expert Men 45-49 Jan Rybar     John Shull    
Expert Men 50-54 none          
Sport Men 15-18 Aristole Peters   X   Joseph Maloney    
Sport Men 19-24 Ben Koenig     X Jake Begley   X  
Sport Men 25-29 Nate Jasperson   X   Jason Gosse    
Sport Men 30-33 Tim Scanley     Anthony DiPiazza    
Sport Men 34-36 Mike Budd     Douglas Pietz    
Sport Men 37-39 Chris Schutte     Dan Tevela    
Sport Men 40-43 Greg Jones     David Compton   X  
Sport Men 44-46 Jeff Seifert     Jeff Sympson    
Sport Men 47-49 Marcum Martz     X Kenneth Ramm    
Sport Men 50-54 James Sniadajewski     X Larry Fish    
Beginner Men 15-18 Chris Harrison   X   Sean McLaughlin    
Beginner Men 19-24 Mike Kubala     Mathew White, Jr.    
Beginner Men 25-29 Jeff Bernaeyge   X   Mark Hanson    
Beginner Men 30-34 Scott Diedrich     Jeremy Jonas    
Beginner Men 35-39 Jack Schirpke   X   Mark Clinton    
Beginner Men 40-44 Jeff Wren     Larry Hipps    
Beginner Men 45-54 Brian Gill     Daniel Bucklaew   X  
All Men 12-14 Myles Beach   X   Nathan Labecki    
All Men 55-59 Warren Fowler   X   Kieth Westphal    
All Men 60-64 Wayne Fish     Dale Lenss    
All Men 65+ Steve Manthe     Richard Finch    
Pro/Expert Women 19-34 Abbigail Strigel   X   Holly Liske    
Expert Women 35-44 Christine Czarnecki   X   April Dombrowski    
Sport Women 19-34 Heidi Hittner     Meghan Korol   X  
Sport Women 35-44 Brenda Zimmermannthorp   X   Angela Theriault    
Sport/Exp Women 45+ Patti Kaufman   X   Colleen Westphal    
Beginner Women 19-34 Sara Birdsall     Lisa Olson    
Beginner Women 35-44 Jodi Rummelhart     Sheri Farrell    
Beginner Women 45+ Helmy Tennis     Amy Dykema    
All Women 12-18 MurphyKate Montee   X   Moriah Griesbach    
All Women 55-64 Rose Lenss          
All Women 65 + none          
Sport/Expert Clydesdales Chris Gabrielson     X Shawn Hauser   X  
Beginner Clydesdales Chris Fellows   X   Phil Oliveri    
Women Singlespeeds Regina Livingston   X        
Men Singlespeeds 39 & Under Joe Curtes     Mike Curtes    
Men Singlespeeds 40+ Jerry Daanen   X   Tim Montee    

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