New Format for WORS Short Track

The Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) announces a new format for its short track series which will kick off with the Willy Bikes Short Track at the WORS Cup Stage Race at Devil?s Head Resort in Merrimac, WI on June 26, 2004. WORS short track races will be run in heats with no greater than eight racers on the course at any one time. Each heat will be two laps of the short track course in duration with the top three finishers going on to the next round. Racers will be seated by their standing in the overalls of WORS cross country series with some consideration given other race results as well. Racers not qualifying in their first round race will go into a second chance race with random selection to heats. The top three in the second chance heats will also advance. Heats will continue until six racers are left for a final.

At the WORS Cup Stage Race event, Citizen and Sport initial heats will be run, which will then funnel together into the Super Sport finals.

WORS Short Track Series points (and points toward stage race overalls) will be awarded in the following manner: For heats: qualify in the first heat of a round and receive 3 points, qualify in a second chance heat and receive 2 points, complete second chance heat and do not qualify receive 1 point. In the Finals: first place receives 12 points, second place 9 points, third place 7 points, fourth place 5 points, fifth place 4 points, and sixth place 3 points. Points accumulate as a racer advances through heats and the total number of points available at any one race is dependent upon the number of heats (thus the number of participants).

Along with the new format, WORS will be adjusting its short track courses to include more turns and varied terrain dependent upon the layout of the venues hosting short track events.
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