NiteRider Poker Run at Smokin Spoke

The Smokin Spoke will be hosting a NiteRider Poker Run on Saturady evening, September 6, 2008 beginning at 8 p.m. The Poker Run is a team event for fun.  Team members will explore the backwoods of Camp Tesomas, searching out check points where they will receive a playing card.  After receiving one card from each check point, the team will pool their cards to form their best Poker hand.  Best hand wins!  Lights and helmets required.  NiteRider will have a limited number of lights to barrow. This event will be staffed and run by the Muddy Cup Racing Team.   

Entry Fee:  $1 per team.  Entry fee used for post-event party.

On-site Saturday 6- 7:45pm. 

NiteRider, Muddy Cup & WORS schwag.

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