Online Registration / Message Board Update

The online registration system is back online as of 2:00pm today.  If you registered for an event or signed up for an account in the past few days, please verify everything is in order.

As many of you were aware, the wors site was just migrated to new hardware by our webhost. As a 'going away' present, the old system decided to override the newly updated message board, thus I have had to restore the board from earlier this week.

Why does this matter?

- All posts from the past couple days have been lost.
- All users who registered in the past couple days have disappeared, and you will need to re-register.
- Any password changes, etc will have been lost as well.

Sorry for the trouble this caused, but it should be smooth sailing from this point on.  Please contact me if you encounter any problems.

-Ryan Rastedt

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