Online Series Registration Closing

Online 2007 registration for both WORS and WORS Marathon Series as well as all All-In-Ones will be disabled as of midnight Sunday April 29th.  Series registration will continue to be available onsite at WORS events.  Mail-in registration closed several weeks ago.  Those considering series registration, (required for a racer to be scored in either series or for purposes of WORS Team Competition), need to remember that only one event will be scored retroactively.  You may race one 2007 WORS event without a series number and receive credit for it in overall scoring through the following procedure:

1)      Go to the WORS tent at a WORS race.

2)      Filll out a WORS series registration form.

3)      Request retroactive credit for the race on your registration form by listing the the name of the race and the day-of number you raced with.

4)      Pay the appropriate registration fee.

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