Photo Contest

The WORS photo contest seeks to reward WORS spectators and participants who capture the WORS experience with high quality photos.? For each race, we will award prizes for the Best Photo in five (5) separate Categories and an Overall Best Photo.? The photo categories will change for each venue, and will be announced at and on the Team WORS website, as well as the WORS registration tent on site.? Above all, we hope that the photo contest will increase the participation and enjoyment of our many talented WORS photographers. Prizes:
  • Best in Category - $10 WORS bucks.
  • Best Overall - $25 WORS bucks.
  • We also aim to have end-of-year participation and excellence prizes. These remain to be determined.
Learn more about the Categories. How to enter:
  • As soon as you can after the race, email or post your photos online.? To be sure your photos will be judged, submit or post them online by 9:00 PM the Monday after each event.
  • Submit full-size, print-quality (600+ dpi resolution) digital photos to Team WORS at teamwors at gmail dot com.
  • You may submit multiple photos, or submit the same photo in multiple categories.
  • If you regularly post photos online, and want these included in the judging - send an email to TeamWORS and we will review them after each race. Because of the large number of photos posted online, if you have a photo you would especially like included please send it to us directly.
Check the photo contest tips on our Flickr account. WORS will use the photos: By submitting your photo to the photo contest, you grant WORS permission to use the photo in marketing and promotion. This includes, but is not limited to, posting the photo online at, the Flickr account for Team WORS, and any secondary site that may promote WORS via news reports or other media attention. We may also use the photo in print media, our handbook, in displays and in other ways to promote WORS. Photos entered in the photo contest should not be watermarked. Photo contest entries posted on Team WORS Flickr will include photographer attribution.
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