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Every WORS event is run in partnership with a local organizing committee. The Alterra Coffee Bean Classic is organized by the Alterra Mountain Bike Team at the Crystal Ridge Trails maintained by the Metro Mountain Bikers. Thank you for your support! We hope that you had an outstanding experience at this WORS race venue. Racer comments: 1 Another very well run WORS event. 1 Appreciate all the hard work!! 1 Everyone did a great job! 1 Everyone was great. Thanks for putting on a fun race! 1 Great burgers! and a fair price for them 1 Great course, well supported, good volunteer, great race 1 Great job as always. 1 Great job, it is was an awesome day with a bunch of friendly faces. 1 Great race. Bring back Kewaskum for another climbing course. 1 Nice group of vollunteers. 1 THANKS for water handouts 1 Thank you for a great event. 1 Thank you so much for coming out and helping to organize and run such a great event. 1 Thanks for all the hard work! 1 The Alterra Team puts together a great course and race each year. Thank you. 1 keep up the great work, in my opinion, best group of volunteers I have seen this year. 1 like always, everybody did a very good job. 1 love the sport tea need more 1 thanks you for helping with a great event!! 1 Awesome Job! This continues to be one of the best races with the most spectators excluding Subaru Cup. keep it up! 1 Thank you for your efforts to make our racing experience enjoyable and safe. I was glad to see the positive outlook and attitudes of volunteers, spectators, as well as fellow riders. 1 A special thanks to all the volunteers for this event - having them on course during the race was so helpful - directing for the course & giving heads up to some caution areas! Overall great job by all volunteers! THANK YOU! 1 Marty rocks, Greg rocks. 1 These races cannot be run without the support of the Teams,Volunteers and their Families the thanks will always go to them! 1 The volunteers and the trail marking were excellent. The water station and post race water were definitely very welcome. The course for this race was very enjoyable and thank you to everyone who helped put it on. 1 I saw many people working their tails off to keep food/water available for racers, handling course details, etc. Thanks for all your hard work to put together a great race day. 1 It was a hot day and COLD water was available right after my race which was badly needed. Thank you for being prepared. Click to view larger Alterra 2011 by categories Click to view larger Alterra 2011 all racers
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