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Every WORS event is run in partnership with a local organizing committee. The Battle of Cam Rock is organized by the Capital Off Road Pathfinders (C.O.R.P.), stewards of most of Dane County's MTB trails, and is presented by the Trek Stores of Madison. Thank you for your support! We hope that you had an outstanding experience at this WORS race venue. Racer comments: 1 A couple more parking options closer would be good; but there probably aren't many good options 1 AMAZING! Keep this race each year! 1 Awards announcer was the best so far this year. 1 Awesome course. Parking and camping was a bit removed from the venue. 1 Better and closer parking for next year. 1 Bike patrol was great and very helpful 1 Great Race. A lot of fun for the whole community. 1 Great course; great race! 1 Great first-tiem event! 1 Great job and great event would love to see this here again next year! 1 Great job for a first year event! Hopefully this event will continue to grow :) 1 Great job to the crew organizing the race and to team WORS. 1 Great race, venue and course. We'll definitely be back next year. 1 It was a tough course to eat/drink on, really wore you down good from there. 1 Keep working with the community to make this a banner event 1 Leave the sport course like this. Is by far one of the best for distance and difficulty. 1 Really well done. It got me to do my first WORS race in 8 years. 1 Thank YOU !!! 1 Thanks very much. I hope you host again next year. 1 The water bottles at the end of the race were very much needed and appreciated 1 awesome job for a first year event !!! appreciated all the hard work. 1 great job 1 First time riding the Camrock trails. I found them to be challenging and loads of fun. This is a great combination. CORBA should be proud of this first time event. To me it seemed like this event had been going for years. Thanks a bunch for what I'm sure were hundreds of hours of labor/frustration to get this event up and running. I think this event will become one of the favorites on the schedule for many of the WORS racers. 1 I met the local race director durning a pre ride the day before the race and he was very helpfull and nice. 1 This was a terrific event. Well organized, awesome support by the local MTB club and close to both Madison and Milwaukee. Can't wait to do it again next year. 1 Thanks for all your work. 1 Great job guys setting up the course, great mix of passing areas, double track, single track, etc. Overall just good stuff, thanks 1 ride the course a lot and it was fun to go a different direction and the mods on double track were spot on! 1 Posting of race results to the board was very delayed. Usually race results are posted every 5 to 10 minutes. People including myself were waiting more than 30 minutes for results. [Editors note: We're going to take this as a compliment to WORS timing staff who handle any issue with ninja-like efficiency. To the commentor - no offense intended. We certainly take quick results seriously and work hard to avoid delays.] 1 The information put out prior to race weekend was excellent. And the dedication to the event and the racers by making posts due to the rain was amazing! WORS racers...welcome to the 21st century. 1 need a better way to get spectators across the course in the expo area. maybe a crossing guard or something holding a stop or go sign would be a good idea. simple but effective. 1 I'll be back next year! The first year is tough. Keep it up, bribe more volunteers with free beer and food! 1 Nice fast moving course with ample chances to pass. 1 A really fun course with a great flow and an appropriate amount of technical sections to keep you on your toes. Would really like to see food at the top of the hill / expo area. Camping should be sectioned off from parking on Saturday so you know where to camp. 1 It was a really great race. One thing that I would like to see is additional information for spectators to get people more spread out along the course. CamRock seems like a great place given the walking path down below to get back and close to some of the single track. Just need to add it to the map and put together some "Spectator Areas" on the map. Maybe also mark some trails that are good for spectators to use (e.g., the wide path in the valley). 1 Very fun course but parking definitely needs to be addressed before racing here again. WORS hanbook states 1000' of climbing per lap, I think that scared some people away. My Garmin recorded 1512' for the entire Comp race. 1 This race was really fun! I really enjoyed the hot weather, so it was a good time of year for the event! 1 need to find a solution for closer parking and the "designated" spectator area closer to the expo area (bathrooms, food, etc.) 1 I would like to see WORS come back to Camrock. With some improvements in parking and toilets, this will be a premier venue. 1 Overall, this was a fantastic race on one of my favorite trail systems thanks to the amazing work of the local folks. 1 Looking forward to 2012. At first the location seemed out of the way. Nice cozy venue. Pe-rode the limestone trail during the citizen race and enjoyed watching everyone weaving through the meadow. 1 Water station was in a location which made it difficult to take the hand up. A slower, uphill location might have been better. overall, good race. nicely run. 1 You guys did a great job. I just moved here from Colorado and am really happy that there is a top notch race series here with great competition. 1 Outstanding job... it was my first WORS race & I have never been in a better, more professional event. Loved it! 1 It was great to see the bike patrol out there, and they were needed during the citizen race. 1 The lap section in front of the starting hill made it hard for spectators to get a good view of the start of the race. 1 Awesome course but a little too much singletrack, otherwise a great race. will definatly be back for P.B.S.T 1 The race was well organized and well run. but it would be nice to have a way to go from top of the hill to bottom of the hill without having to get in the way of the people waiting to start their race. 1 Excellent race event. Very professionally run. Grerat location, and really good trails. Thanks to all the organizers for a World class event. 1 Awesome inaugural event. 1 Tell Mr. Sun to go away. Seriously, very well organized and a lot of fun to do. You guys did a great job. 1 Pre-race info was the best I have ever seen. The trail condition was outstanding. The start/finish area was well thought out as that space was limited by the natural terrain. The final and lap hill climb was excellent for spectators and water bottle hand offs. It provided for neck and neck hill poiunding competition just before the finish. There could be a few more trail marshals out there in tougher sections. Great job overall by the organizers and race director. 1 This was a great event. 1 Very well done. Thanks again to everyone. 1 Volunteers and staff were great! 1 Volunteers were awesome and did a great job at the water station. 1 You guys ROCK!! 1 You guys ROCK!! Thanks so much for all your hard work! 1 all great volunteers! 1 great job 1 It was nice to have people that were out on the course to cheer you on, and that they were not in the way of riders. 1 They did a great job. Thank you. It was nice to see volunteers throughout the trail just incase they were needed. 1 Thanks to all the selfless volunteers for this hot sunny then soaking wet race. Without you guys WORS wouldn't nearly 20% of what they are 1 The water station volunteers should be commended. I was one of the last racers to come through on the third lap of the sport race. The volunteers were very positive helping me to stay motivated to finish and were ready with a cup of water even though I'm sure there was a good minute between me and the racer ahead of me. I realize it isn't easy to stand in the sun like they did for long periods of time as I know what it feels like to be in the open on the bike and I have a built in breeze. Their attentiveness to this critical service that they provide during a race is so much appreciated by all of the racers. 1 Thank you to all the volunteers! Its great that you are helping adults, kids, and teens to be active, get out there an enjoy the outdoors, and focus on a healthy activity. Keep up the good work. 1 great job. With a year to iron out any problems you had (and I didn't notice any) it will be more fun next year. 1 Thank you to all the volunteers and race staff for putting on a great event. The first annual battle at Cam Rock was a great success, and I will be back next year. 1 Great job and great event. Lots of assistance out on the course as well as up in the spectator areas. Wonderful job considering the location and limited parking areas available! 1 Outstanding job... it was my first WORS race & I have never been in a better, more professional event. Loved it! 1 We had a good time at the airport during the pre-ride! Thanks for sharing your great town with us! It was a great weekend! 1 Thank you for putting on the race and thank you so much to all of the volunteers for getting up early, coming out and being there for the racers all day in the hot weather. I always appreciate the cheers and water hand ups from the marshalls and volunteers. I had a lot of fun on the course. I loved racing in the hot weather, but I know it may have been tough for some of the volunteers being out all day. 1 Overall, a great course that was probably one of the best I have seen in the WORS itinerary. Props to CORP! 1 really appreciate the hand up water volunteers....I usually have them douse me wtih water...its great 1 Fellows were very helpfull. Would have liked oranges or bananas at the end of race. Friend got overheated and everyone at the shelter went out of their way to help him. 1 Good job by all the volunteers and race staff. Side note for next year: Road parking on top of the hill should be diagonal instead of parallel parking. There should be 2 parking attendants up there to make that happen next year. That doubles the parking space and is possible since the county mowed the shoulders very wide! Thanks to the county for a great mowing job along the rode and in the start area. 1 Thanks to the anyone and everyone who helped make this years inaugural Battle of Camrock a blast. These races are simply not possible without you. 1 The Volunteers were helpful and it was always nice to have people out on the course that were cheering you on, but were not in the way. Cam Rock 2011 by Category Cam Rock 2011 all together
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