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Every WORS event is run in partnership with a local organizing committee. The Bear Paw Rock N' Roll is organized by the Bear Paw Adventure Resort. Thank you for your support! We hope that you had an outstanding experience at this WORS race venue. Racer Comments: 1 All were very nice and did a great job even through the rain all were great. 1 Course marshals really did a great job out there in the rain! 1 Excellent job even with the less than desirable conditions! 1 GREAT THANKS FOR ALL THE EFFORT !!!!!!!!!!! 1 Great job WORS staff. 1 I appreciate the volunteers out on the course, weather conditions were pretty bad! 1 Keep up the great work. Thanks. 1 Sorry you had to stand all day in the rain and cold, your efforts are appreciated! 1 Staff was great. Volunteers stuck it out in that rain like champs! Hats off to them. 1 THANKS FOR STICKING OUT THE RAIN. 1 Thank you for standing in the rain to help run the race! 1 Thank you to ALL the people that stayed out in the pouring rain! 1 Thank you! I appreciate all of your hard work. 1 Thanks for all you hard work! 1 Thanks for all your effort on a crappy weekend. 1 Thanks for all your hard work on a cool and wet day. 1 Thanks for helping out. 1 Thanks! 1 Very friendly event, thanks to Bear Paw for hosting! 1 thanks for all the hard work to put together a great course and put up with the bad weather 1 thanks so much for an awesome race! love it 1 Everybody did a great job under very poor weather conditions. The Saturday night at the pub/grill is the best in WORs, keep up the good work. 1 volunteers were visible if any emrgncy would have come up, I felt safe at this event due to this point and will attend in 2012 1 See above. The volunteers stuck it out during the rain and were giving encouragement to keep racing. Parking attendants were very helpful in getting racers and spectators parked. And the staff at the bar/restaurant made it easy to get a good meal while also having a place to hangout in the evenings. 1 I interacted with several course volunteers as I flatted and walked the last 2-3 miles. They were all great, offered appropriate aid and were just plain nice. Thanks to all. 1 thanks to all the volunteers for helping out, on a cold wet weekend! Hopefully next year will be dry! 1 Could use more wait staff in the lodge. Mentioned it the gal at the bar. It's like come on, a venue with this many people the bulk of which preregistered. Bikes = Beer + Food. Overall a fun event even though it was muddy. 1 For a venue off the beaten path, you had a great core of volunteers. Parking was easy when we arrived thanks to the directions of the parking volunteers. There were more course marshalls on this course than I can remember at any other WORS venue. Since this was the first time I raced Bear Paw, I very much appreciated having course marshalls at the critical parts of the course. Also, and most importantly for a racer, the course marshalls were all enthusiastic and very encouraging. Great Job! 1 Thanks to all those sitting out in the pouring rain to make sure everyone was making the correct turns and keeping the event running smooth! 1 Thanks to all who volunteered on a less the perfect weather day. Your help my everyone's day better! 1 Thanks for everything! I'm sure it's tough to stand out in the mud and rain to help some people ride through the woods, but it was great to have you there! 1 Thank you to all the course marshal for standing out in the rain to make sure we were all safe and going the right way! Click to view original Bear Paw by racer categories
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