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Every WORS event is run in partnership with a local organizing committee. The Border Battle is organized by Muddy Paws Racing LLC on trails maintained by the Kinnickinnic Off-Road Cyclists (K.O.R.C.). Thank you for your support! We hope that you had an outstanding experience at this WORS race venue. Racer comments: Count Response 1 Awesome volunteers thank you guys so much! 1 Everyone was helpful and appreciated. Thanks for volunteering and putting in a long day. 1 Great job! 1 No complaints, sometimes that's the best kind. Great course! 1 THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR BEING THERE FOR US! 1 Thank you so much volunteers!! My family had a great Sunday at the race in River Falls. 1 Thanks for putting the race on so we could go play! 1 Thanks for the great event! 1 Thanks to all great volunteers! 1 Thanks to all the spectators, fans, volunteers, and family. We couldn't do it without you all. 1 Thanks to all volunteers and race director! 1 Thanks volunteers for your time! Great job - it's much appreciated! 2 Thanks! 1 Thanks. 1 The course was amazing and the trails top-notch! Great job KORC!!!! 1 The staff and volunteers were friendly and helpful. They did a great job. 1 The watermelon and cookies were great at the end of the race!! Thank you. 1 They did a very good job. I always like the border battle. 1 Volunteers are awesome. 1 You guys/gals were all great. 1 great as usual. 1 great job 1 thanks for the set up and hard work that gives us a track to race on 1 thanks, job well done 1 Keep it up! Next year, smooth out the 2nd jeep hill a bit. 1 Thank you for making the Border Battle such a wonderful experience. The trail was in perfect condition and the support was great. Your efforts were appreciated. 1 This was our second time racing here at White Tail. Very nice race organization. Makes for a great all-day event for the family. 1 I would like to thank the organizers and volunteers for all their hard work at the Border Battle this last weekend. It was a well run race, and the camping was great. We couldn't have been closer to the finish than where we were at.Our camper was 20 feet from the finish line tent! We'll be back next year. 1 Thank you to all of the volunteers. You made the entire experience well worth the effort of racing in this event. It stands out as a favorite for me this year. Well done! 1 Thank you to the race staff and volunteers for everything that you do. From handing out water to the many behind the scenes arrangements, your willingness to put on this event is appreciated. I know it's not easy to stand out all day, to set up a course, get up early for registration, etc. - your words of encouragement, your water hand-ups, the post race watermelons - are all appreciated by us racers. 1 I had a very close finish with another racer, but the other racer went ahead in the finish chute. I didn't feel that the volunteer made it clear who crossed the finish line first. 1 Great work to the staff and volunteers. It appeared that everything went as smooth as could be be. Appreciated the cheers on the climbs. 1 These eventys would not e possible without volunteers. As a volunteer for other events, please know that your efforts and time does not go un-noticed. Thank you for all that you do to help with great events such as the Border Battle. See ya net year!!

Border Battle participants and drive times.

60 minutes = inner blue blue. 2 hours = middle blue border. 4 hours = outer blue border. Because the map below was plotted based on the normal radius of a WORS race, it excludes a larger than normal percentage of participants outside the boundaries of the map, especially to the west. Border Battle Map

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