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Every WORS event is run in partnership with a local organizing committee. The Chippewa Valley Firecracker is organized by the Chippewa Off Road Bike Association. Thank you for your support! We hope that you had an outstanding experience at this WORS race venue.   Racer comments: 1 All the volunteers I dealt with were very nice and informative. 1 All the volunteers were real gentle and nice. they went the extra mile thanks to all. 1 Another excellent job by all volunteers and race staff! 1 Friendly and helpful. Thanks for a great event. 1 GREAT, THANKS for the water on the course, and food, showers, diner, etc... GREAT !!! 1 Good job by all. 1 Great event! 1 Great job! Very helpful group of volunteers. I enjoyed the day. 1 Great race, I had a blast. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Darrin Braun 1 Hats off to those who spent their time in the woods so we could race 1 Nice job. 1 On such a hot day the volunteers showed amazing heart staying out in the sun/heat all day. 1 Overall had a great time. Look forward to the next race. 1 THANK YOU!!!! 1 Thank You to the volunteers 1 Thank you! 1 Thanks for a great event! 1 Thanks for putting on a good venue & the socks are great! 1 Thanks to all of the volunteers!!!!!! 1 Thanks to all the great help from the volunteers, CORBA put on another outstanding Firecracker. 1 Thanks to everyone who volunteered today. The race staff and volunteers were outstanding! 1 They did a stellar job. 1 Voluenteers were awesome, especially the guy who has the black lab and the pug. 1 Your trails are excellent. Thanks for your hard work. 1 again great first aid people 1 awesome job. Very helpful on the race course. 1 thank you for making for agreat weekend and race 1 thank you for the support 1 they were awesome...from vols to paramedics! 1 volunteers are awesome! 1 Jim Chapman and Troy Mieves are a couple of the most committed people I know. Obviously there are many other volunteers, but these two deserve props. They have a lot to do with the course and in my opinion is the best venue in the whole series. Thanks, I will be there next year. 1 Thank you again for all of your hard work and efforts for the race. Always appreciate those who are helping! 1 Volunteers were great! Friendly as well. I liked that there were volunteers situated throughout the course in case of an accident. 1 All of the volunteers were very positive and motivating out on the course! Thank you for putting on a great event. 1 This race has the most course marshals of any race and they are in contact constantly with the race/course director via walkie talkies. EMT'S with rescue and transport vehicles are on site and they respond immediately to any crash injury or heat exhaustion incident. This is a Premier event due to the experience and quality of all the volunteers 1 WORS remains the poster child for state mountain bike series in the country. By far the best. 1 Thank you to the dedicated medics. Great job guys. 1 Thanks for all the hard work too! 1 volunteers and spectators were great and cheered everyone on! 1 I had a great time. The venue was great. The trails were great. The spaghetti was great. Good chance I'll be there next year. 1 Thanks to all the volunteers and the EMTs who are top notch. It is great to know that help is right there for those who need it. 1 The food was great. Had dinner Friday and breakfast Saturday. Great job! Firecracker 2011 all racers Firecracker 2011 by category
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