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Racer comments from the Survey: 1 Everyone was pleasant and helpful. You made a fantastic event!! Thanks 1 Everyone was very helpful in helping foudn out the correct information 1 Great 1 Great Job! Can't wait for next year! 1 Great event! 1 Great fun watching the pros go at it. Everything seemed to flow smoothly on Saturday. 1 Great job! Thank you! 1 NONE 1 Race offical/sweeper was great! really helped out my kid when his chain dropped. 1 Saw some of the same people all weekend, many thanks to those who help out! 1 THANK YOU !!! 1 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! 1 THANKS! 1 Thank you and great job! 1 Thank you for supporting this amazing event and making it happen! 1 Thank you to all that helped with the event!! 1 Thanks a ton to the volunteers and staff, you put on a great event!! 1 Thanks for all the hard work and support. 1 Thanks for all the hard work! 1 Thanks so much to all of the volunteers. It was a great time like last year. 1 Thanks to all for a great event!!!! 1 The volunteers that I saw were very enthusiastic and encouraged everyone riding by. 1 The volunteers were always visible and ready to answer any questions or help. Great job to all. 1 Volunteers ROCK! Just a great job all around. 1 Volunteers were excellent everywhere I went. 1 You Rock!! 1 everyone was great 1 great job putting on such a large event 1 great volunteers and set up! 1 jon holcomb rocks!!!! 1 ran so smoothly, great race, thank you!!!! 1 thank you sooooo much for an amazing race!!!!! 1 thanks for volunteering couldn't do it without you 1 the volunteer staff was very helpful and helped make the event what it is. A huge thank you! 1 volunteers and race staff were AWESOME 1 well done 1 you guys did an awesome job.. Very organized.;) 1 Thanks a million for great volunteers with positive attitudes that made everyone feel welcome, and welcomed back. You too Don! 1 5 stars to the volunteers. Always helpful and friendly. Always smiling even after being ask the same stupid question a million times. 1 I thanked each volunteer I passed during the race. They were superb and deserved all the thanks they got. 1 Great job to Don and Clair especially...exceptional job with the overall event and getting the fans into it! 1 The volunteers of which I was one did great. The cheers and encouragement from them during my race was great and when I was volunteering on the course it was nice to hear the pros throw out a thank you to the volunteers. 1 Great job to all. Simply an amazing crew. This event makes me very proud to be a part of the WORS community. 1 Huge big thanks to all the volunteers, without them this event would never happen. Overall the best WORS event of the year! Great job to everyone involved! 1 Many thanks to all the staff and volunteers who set this up. It was a great event, and my favorite of the year. 1 the technicians in the trek tent are great. They need to know how appreciated they are. Keep up the great work guys and gals. Thanks 1 Thanks for sacrificing your time and talents. Races can not be run without volunteers. Without your help, there's no Subaru Cup. 1 Awesome job! But, the event was spectacular overall and I had an amazing time, thank you so much! 1 Excellent volunteers. Overall...excellent day, the most fun I have had at a race in a long time. 1 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You folks are great!! Everyone loves this race because of you. 1 Thanks to all of you! All of you jobs were important and without you the event wouldn't have been possible. 1 I know there was a ton of work put into this race weekend, and would like to thank all those involved. 1 I crashed and broke my collar bone toward the end of the race, and the medical people recognized something wrong when I finished. They hauled me and my bike away immediatly and took great care of me. Very professional, and followed up hours later when they saw me watching the races. A big thank you to them 1 Great volunteers, they did a great job. Only issue we had was the scoring on the Cat 1 race. My daughter was the overall winner but they had her all messed up due to some mixup with race numbers and they did not "think a 15yr old would be the winner". All got corrected and again awesome job at the venue! Amazing course and scene. 1 Incredibles! Each and everyone of you did a tremendous job in every aspect of the race. Still don't feel right that Pro races started without the traditional Don...GOOooooooooooooooo-; that's extremely dissatisfying but I guess I understand. 1 The Volunteers did a remarkable job. Very friendly and helpful,The bright shirts made them very easy to pick out during the race. 1 Volunteers and race staff that I interfaced with were helpful and courteous. Thanks for helping out!

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