Please share your opinion of the Wigwam MTB Challenge in Sheboygan

Every WORS event is run in partnership with a local organizing committee. The Wigwam MTB Challenge is organized by the FatKats, Sheboygan's local trail building advocacy group. Thank you for your support! We hope that you had an outstanding experience at this WORS race venue. Racer comments: Another great WORS event! Excellent event! Great course. Great job Great job by all involved!! You guys always have perfect weather. Great job, thank you! Great race!!! Great race, thank you for a great day! Great race. One of my favorite races of the series. Jon and the Fat katz put on the best race of the year Just a very well organized event, thanks to everyone for their hard work. THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL THE INVOLVEMENT PRE, DURING AND AFTER THE RACE. Thank You! A perfect experience for MTB racing, great people, great assistance! Thank you for all of your work. I had a great time. What a great race! Thank you for your time! You are all the unsung hero's that make it happen! Thank you guys. You rock!!! Thank you! Thanks to all that volunteered as it one of the favorite races. Thanks! Thanks!!!!! The volunteers and staff were great as always. They did an amazing job which is greatly appreciated! You have to love the guy handing out the $5 bucks with a beer and cigarette. everyone was great great job everyone! need to thank the first aid/EMT/doctor that were on hand and stitched me up Thank you for all your hard work. All of us, spectators and racers greatly appreciate all that you do to make such an excellent event possible. You should be congratulated on running an event of this caliber. There was such a great energy throughout the entire day. The course was perfect in my opinion and the course workers were very helpful. Hope the same crew is back next year. THANK YOU. Your efforts help make our day great. It does not go without notice or without being appreciated. Volunteers were great and even joked around with the racers on certain sections which helped keep the mood of the race very fun and light but great for competition. Guys on the Pugslyes were amazing and I'm sure that the volunteers and spectators gave them a great deal of credit. Overall a great race and great organization. Sheboygan racer survey - by racer category
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