Reforestation Ramble Updates

SPECIAL ALERT:  This event is held in close proximity to the NEW Zoo.  The NEW Zoo policy of NO DOGS ALLOWED will be enforced for this event.  Please pass the word to all spectators and racers with dogs. 


The Reforestation Ramble course is set at11.5 miles of fun and excitement.  Racer will travel through several distinct communities in the camp, experiencing double track cross country ski roads, slow rolling hills, and winding flowing single track with some sand.  Race Director, Ben Griggs reports, "We have also designed a course that will be run without lap manipulation, making each lap identical.  Concerns about clogging up in singletrack, along with the environmental issues, are what lead us to this 11.5 mile lap consisting of 8.5 miles of double track cross country roads, 2.5 miles of singletrack and about .5 miles black top/gravel road.  The entrance to the first section of singletrack will be around mile 5, allowing for plenty of mileage to separate the masses."  Some black top has been thrown in as a spectator incentive.  The race will actually roll right through the parking lot, to allow for ease in bottle hand offs, food delivery, as well as promote the festival type atmosphere.  More importantly the route through the parking lot will enable great ON SITE camping for the racers.  YES!  That

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