A sad day

Sunday was a sad day for the WORS community.  During the race, WORS Sport Series racer Rob Schuette told a nurse near him that he couldn't catch his breath.  An emergency response team reached him with a defribrillator within minutes.  He was evacuated and taken to a local hospital.  Despite the efforts of many, Rob Schuette was pronounced dead at the hospital.  He was 38.  It is believed that he suffered a heart attack. WORS Director Don Edberg and Race Director Shawn Hauser have been in touch with Rob Schuette's teammates.  His memorial service is planned for Thursday.  At this time, his family has asked only for time.  Should there be instructions for memorial bequests, we will share those with the WORS community here. Local media coverage can be found online (here, here).  Although not mentioned in these reports, we know that Rob Schuette was a son, a grandson, a brother, and a father.  A friend.  A veteran.  A teammate. He was many things in addition to being a mountain bike racer.  We are proud that he was a mountain bike racer. To his family and friends, we express our very heartfelt condolences.   Update: Rob Schuette's obituary has been posted here.  Online condolences can be left for the family, and a memorial fund will be created in his name.
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