Schneeberger and House Win at Red Flint Firecracker

After a quick turnaround from the Wisconsin Off Road Series Race #4, the Mt.Morris Challenge, racers and families had just six days to recover before heading off to the fifth race of the season, The Red Flint Firecracker in Eau Claire, WI. The Red Flint Firecracker is a course that favors the strong and powerful. With little climbing, racers power through the open sections before tearing it up in the singletrack to offer an entertaining weekend for all.   The BelGioioso women’s Pro/Cat 1 race started off with a bang as the field ripped through the open grass. Led out by Neff Cycle Service’s Holly LaVesser, the women filed into two lines heading down the straightaway. Leia Schneeberger(Broken Spoke Racing) could sense the back of the field was getting a little haywire and she wanted to be first in the singletrack. Schneeberger drilled the last 30 seconds to open a sizable gap on the rest of the field with only Hanna Mork(Linear Sport/Trek) and Corey Coogan Cisek (Amy D Foundation) responding to the attack. The three entered the “Whoops” section together with the rest of the field filing in approximately ten to fifteen seconds back. Schneeberger rode off the front all by herself and that was the last any woman saw of her. Mork felt faster in the singletrack to pass Coogan Cisek and began the endless chase to find Schneeberger. LaVesser, who didn’t have the best start, worked her way up the field, catching Coogan Cisek and later Mork too. LaVesser and Schneeberger both had the same idea heading into lap two. Both ladies were unaware of how close they were to each other so they kept it pinned; Schneeberger wanted to continue to gap the field while LaVesser was hoping to chase her down. Meanwhile Mork was strung out by herself with a chase group consisting of Coogan Cisek, Lauren Lackman(Rib Mountain Cycles) and Katrina Hurst( Linear Sport/Trek) working together. As the ladies entered the last lap, Schneeberger was leading by over two and a half minutes to take the win and tie up the series with LaVesser finishing in second. Lackman bridged to Mork late in the last lap to finish third with Mork in fourth. Rounding out the top five was Hurst respectively.   The BelGioioso men’s Pro/Cat 1 race started off slower than expected but Team Extreme’s Ben Senkerik and Pete’s Garage/Hacienda Brewing’s Cole House made sure to ramp it up. After Senkerik took to the front and sped up the race on the lead out, a crash midfield left a few leaders out front. As the leaders entered the first section of singletrack, another crash split them once again. House saw the opportunity and drilled it in the following sections of singletrack to open as much of a gap as he could. Senkerik, Caleb Swartz(Linear Sport/Trek) and Kyle Trudeau(CZ Racing) developed a chase group for the next two laps until Swartz got away. With House gone, Swartz wanted to stay focused and not turn lazy as he was sitting in great position. House rode solo for majority of the race to secure his fourth win of the season. Swartz maintained steady to finish in second, his best WORS finish to date. Senkerik and Trudeau were together until Trudeau fell off pace in the third lap. Survival mode went into action for both Senkerik and Trudeau for the last lap as they would go on to finish third and fourth. Pete Karinen(Broken Spoke Racing) came out on top in a three-way sprint to round of the top five respectively. Racers and families will take this weekend off before heading to Alpine Valley for the Midwest Mountain Bike Championships, the WORS Cup. For More information visit
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