Schneeberger and Karinen Take Home Big Checks at Battle of Camrock

Rockdale, WI- Last weekend the Wisconsin Off-Road Series(WORS) headed south to Rockdale WI for WORS #3, the Battle of Camrock. Capital Off-Road Pathfinders(CORPS), Loft and Shove, and Team WORS all banded together to design a fun and family friendly weekend for all. Food trucks, bouncy houses, and of course a hilly and technical race course made this year’s Battle of Camrock the best to date!   The BelGioioso Pro/Cat 1 men’s race had racers out of the saddle early for an extensive climb to the top of CamRock Park where the men then funneled into the first section of singletrack. Early on a large lead group developed with roughly 10 racers all together and many chasing. With the extra-large purse of $1,000 sponsored by Loft and Shove, all were hungry for the money. As the leaders approached lap two, the group dwindled down to five with Cole House(Hacienda Brewing/Pete’s Garage), Brian Matter(Linear Sport/Trek), Pete Karinen(Broken Spoke Racing), Caleb Swartz(Linear Sport/Trek) and Ben Schmutte(First Internet Bank) all together. The group of five hit the first half of the race hard, opening a sizable lead on the rest of the field, but as the race progressed, lap traffic began to take effect. Schmutte, House and Karinen all tried to push the pace and ride off the front but the tightness of the singletrack made that a tall task. The five men all silently realized what was inevitably going to happen: a sprint finish. So they settled in on the fourth lap, weaving their way through lapped riders.  The intensity picked back up as they entered the last section of singletrack.  Karinen entered first with House and the others in close pursuit.  Finally the trail widened and it was every man for themselves.  Karinen exiting the singletrack first had an obvious advantage as he was able to jump on the pedals early.  Karinen crossed the line first to take home the win with House finishingsecond by 0.4 seconds. Schmutte claimed third and Linear Sport Racing Teammates Swartz and Matter finished fourth and fifth respectively in the five-way sprint.   The BelGioioso Pro/Cat 1 race was led out by young Minnesotan Anna Christian(LaMere Cycles) as the once again strong women’s field followed in pursuit. Leia Schneeberger(Broken Spoke Racing) took control early on and the only one to respond was Christian. The two rode together for the first two laps trading places back and forth. Schneeberger tried to lose Christian in the singletrack but Christian’s handling skills were too advanced as she couldn’t shake her. As they entered the last lap, Schneeberger up the pace and Christian began to fall off the back. When Schneeberger began to feel Christian slipping, she continued to attack, opening as big of a lead as she could, knowing that Christian and possibly Holly LaVesser(Neff Cycle Service) were still in the hunt. Schneeberger’s high speed in the last lap was enough for her to cross the line in first and take home the big check as Christian finished a minute and a half back in second. LaVesser started the race in third with Caitlin Neuman(Brazen Dropouts) hovering close by. LaVesser was able to lose Neuman early and maintain her position for the entirety of the race to finish third. Linear Sport Racing’s Katrina Hurst found her groove and worked up pass Neuman to finish fourth with Neuman rounding out the top five respectively.

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