Schneeberger and N. Guerra Win Iola Bump and Jump

Schneeberger and N. Guerra Win Iola Bump and Jump Iola, Wi   What has previously been known as the first WORS race, the Iola Bump and Jump was the second stop on the 2017 Wisconsin Off Road Racing series presented by Trek. Just because the order was changed, doesn’t mean the weather was any different. The Iola Bump and Jump is infamously known for either an abundance of rain and mud or the hot and humid air of spring. This time, Mother Nature dealt rain and mud, but the course held up fairly well. It had a mix of lung-bursting climbs, flowy single track and a plethora of roots to make sure the race held up to its name. To begin, the BelGioioso Cat 1/Pro Women’s field continued to show a strong promising season with large numbers once again. Off the start gate, Lindsay Guerra(Vision Cycling) and Leia Schneeberger(Broken Spoke Racing) took off with a bang, climbing the start hill, entering the bowl one and two. The two battled for many laps while Anna Ganju(Colectivo Coffee) and Anna Christian(Girlfired) chased from behind. After 3 laps of a fast hard pace, Schneeberger came to the realization that if she wanted to win, it was her time to attack, and so she did.  After the fatigue set in, Guerra just couldn’t match Schneeberger’s pace and began to fall off the back. Schneeberger would go on to finish solo with her first Iola Bump and Jump win, with Guerra behind in second. Meanwhile, Ganju started to use the lap traffic to her advantage as she began to open a gap on Christian to finish third. Holly LaVessar, who had a slower start but a maintained a steady pace started to see glimpses of Christian. Determination and endurance and downright power assisted LaVesser in chasing down Christian to finish fourth and fifth respectively.   The Cat 1/Pro Men’s race presented by BelGioioso started off at a swift pace with big names like Cole House(Broken Spoke Racing), Isaac Neff(Neff Cycle Service), Corey Stelljes(Neff Cycle Service), Caleb Swartz(Linear Sport/Trek) and Pete Karinen(Broken Spoke Racing) all racing for bragging rights. After a rocky race two weeks ago, Nathan Guerra started in the second row delaying his fast start and his ability to clinch onto the lead pack right away. After a few minutes of chasing, Guerra grabbed onto the back of the group to recover before many attacks occurred. After a relatively calm couple laps, Guerra and Neff broke off the front opening up a decently large gap, but was soon chased down by Stelljes. Once he joined, he attacked again with Guerra to counter, leaving Neff to fend for himself. After another hard lap with the two leaders, the finish was near, but for one racer not close enough. Stelljes took an unfortunate spill which disappointingly took him out of contention for the top step. Guerra saw his opportunity and rode into the finish line to finish first. After Stelljes recovered from his crash, he safely rode in for second place. Behind the two men, Neff was hanging in there but Karinen was not done. Karnien caught up to Neff and saw the matches Neff burned up and overtook him. Karinen was able to ride away from Neff to finish third and fourth respectively. Swartz rode in to round out the top five.   To see more of the results please visit, To read on the next race, visit Photography: Gary Smits at
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