Schneeberger Takes the Win at her Home Course

The ninth race in the Wisconsin Off Road Series took place in Suamico. The venue consisted of a lot of sandy terrain with plenty of room for passing. It was a day filled with a lot of sunshine, making it perfect for a dry race. The dust made eyewear a must. It’s always exciting to watch this race with so many opportunity viewpoints. The BelGioioso Elite Women started off at a decent pace, with Leia Schneeberger (Broken Spokes Racing), Holly Lavesser (Neff Cycle Service), and Katy McDicken (ASU Devo) all battled to reach the single track first. Schneeberger ended up getting into the single track first with Mcdicken on her wheel. Lavesser had to make a move past McDicken in order for her to stay with Schneeberger. Schneeberger started to form a gap on the two. Once Schneeberger thought she had a lead, she heard someone coming, and it so happened to be Lavesser. The two worked together throughout the course for two laps, until Lavesser just couldn’t hang on any longer. Schneeberger tried to latch on to an elite rider group, but she couldn’t catch them until the very end, where she finished her home course with a 1st overall. Lavesser finished soon after with a 2nd, both ladies went home feeling great with their results. The BelGioioso Elite Men started slower than expected, with Ben Senkerik (Team Extreme) fighting for second wheel behind Cole House(Pete’s Garage). House and Senkerik began to form a gap between the rest of the group. The two worked together during their laps, just trying to keep a good pace without crashing. House ended up making a gap on Senkerik, allowing him to take the 1st place overall win. Senkerik finished out his race with a strong 2nd overall finish. Both riders were happy with their results and look forward to the race in Lake Geneva.  Complete race results for the Reforestation Ramble, are here.
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